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Score! Hero 2023
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Score! Hero 2023Score! Hero 2023Score! Hero 2023Score! Hero 2023

Score! Hero 2023 MOD APK  is a sports game from the studio First Touch Games Ltd, which is published on Dlpure for free. In this Android game you are an unknown person with extraordinary abilities. So take control of one of the football characters with amazing talents and make him the best player in the world or a super hero by shooting, passing and scoring goals. Here you have to start from scratch and improve your shooting power, pass work, etc. by doing different exercises and earn points in different football matches. Choose from over 90 officially licensed teams from the world’s biggest leagues. You will also experience real football with official licenses, real clubs and leagues, authentic football kits and badges. Guide your hero and play as a soccer player to become a global superstar. Choose your hero and customize his appearance and earn great rewards as you progress in your football.

Score! Hero 2023 is a football game focused on strategy elements where players try to complete the level with impressive passes. After observing the position of each player, you will determine the path of the ball for yourself. At the same time, you will experience significant passes and goals. In fact, players can also approach the gameplay of this game and take time to solve the puzzles that the game creates for them.

Take part in spectacular football matches
In points! Hero 2, players will take part in an exciting football match by seeing a stadium with a large number of participants. Also, with every change you make to the land, there are always narrators and highlights appear in the newspapers. Of course, everyone wants to be the bright spot and bring victory to their team. So this is your chance to do it.

This game has a different gameplay from other football games. In this game, you won’t be controlling the characters with the usual two hands, but you will be focusing only on creating impressive ball lines. In other words, every match you take part in gives you the opportunity to score on your opponents. So, you have to draw the path for your players and complete the level in the best way.

Get points correctly on your way
Players will experience exciting gameplay in Score! Hero 2 and perfectly suited to many different audiences. You will participate in a race where there is a predetermined situation that you have to deal with. At the same time, you will see the critical character appear more prominently than the rest of the characters and you will see an area where you can drag the ball so that the player can hit the ball towards a teammate or the opponent’s goal.

Drawing the ball line will be very simple, but it requires judgment skills from the players for many reasons. The first reason is that sometimes a yellow line appears in the area where you draw the shadow line. In particular, it can be seen as a hint of the game. You need to draw along the yellow line. The ball immediately goes to your teammates. The second reason is that the main challenge comes in the last turn when you need to use your judgment.

If you need a goal, you will see the same yellow line as the previous passes in the line drawing section. Therefore, you have to predict in which direction you should pull the ball in order to score correctly and not be blocked by your enemies. It will take time to master the gameplay and over time you will learn how to paint optimally. In particular, each match brings you a completely new situation that you will quickly adapt to.

Become very famous through different levels
In points! Hero 2, players will participate in many different races and of course the gameplay will remain the same. Only the difficulty will increase. Once you know you want to shade a character, you need to find out if the character has a star right away. Each star that appears in each character indicates how satisfied you are with the requirements. So, after completing the level, you will see your player picture in the newspaper along with the number of stars you have received.


Some features of the game Score! Hero 2023 MOD APK  Android :

  • Advanced and incredible graphics
  • Show magnificent animations
  • Overly realistic gameplay
  • Achieving amazing goals
  • Including more than 90 teams
  • Existence of new infinite hero mode
  • Customize your hero’s appearance with a variety of different items
  • Unlock awesome rewards
  • Connect to Facebook to sync your progress across devices
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Score! Hero 2023
Download Score! Hero 2023 for android

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