Silent Camera (High Quality) 8.10.4 (Premium)

Silent Camera [High Quality]
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Silent Camera [High Quality]Silent Camera [High Quality]Silent Camera [High Quality]Silent Camera [High Quality]Silent Camera [High Quality]

In some cases, it has happened to all Android smart device users that they intend to take photos with the shutter sound off, but they do not see such settings to turn off this sound in their camera. Various tools have been published for such situations, and in this post we are going to provide you with one of the most popular ones. Silent Camera [High Quality] Premium is the title of a silent and quality Android camera published by Peace. This software, with its own set of features, allows you to take pictures at any time and place without shutter sound. As we mentioned, all the features of this software are not limited to being silent; Because various options help you use the maximum quality of the camera and record full HD images. Both manual and automatic focus modes are available to each user, the use of which depends only on your needs. In the end, we must mention that everything in this startup is in your hands and you can change the size of the images before recording.

Some features and capabilities of the Silent Camera [High Quality] Android program:

Very high quality in recording images
Shutter sound off
Very high speed in recording images
Zoom on different parts of the camera
Access to manual and automatic focus modes
Set the stage according to your needs
White balance
Smart timer to capture images with minimum vibration
Registering geographic location tags on photos
Photo editor and dramatic filter

Introducing the best silent camera!
Without shutter sounds, photos can be taken in complete silence!
It’s also No.1 among many silent cameras for it’s high quality images!
Let’s take high quality pictures with silent camera!

When you take a photo with your smartphone,
have you had any situations like these?
“I want to take pictures of my baby while he’s sleeping, but the shutter sound would wake him/her up . . ”
“I want to take pictures of my pets’ natural expressions, but the shutter sound would startle them.. . . ”
“I want to take pictures of the blackboard, but the shutter sound in a quiet classroom would be a little loud. . . “

So please use this high-quality silent camera!
You won’t bother anyone around you since the shutter sound can’t be heard.
You can take high-quality photos in any situations such as the cute sleeping face of your baby, natural behaviors of your pets and the writings on the blackboard!

Create the best memories by shooting many high-quality photos with a silent camera!

Main Features

  1. High-quality
  2. High-speed continuous shooting
  3. Timer shooting
  4. Zoom
  5. Auto focus / manual focus
  6. Scene Selection
  7. White balance
  8. Color effect
  9. Composition guide
  10. Touch Shutter
  11. Geo-Tag
  12. Image Size Selection
  13. Volume Key Shutter
  14. Photo Editor & Dramatic Filter

Please give feedback

We ask for your feedback to improve the quality and performance of this app.
If you encounter any problems, please fill out your smartphone name and Android version and report it to “”.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Description of access privileges

We will never make use of your information other than for the following purposes.

Location information

Only used to record the location information (geotag) of the photograph.
The default setting is OFF.

Image / Media / File

Used to store captured images on the smartphone or SD card.


For using the smartphone’s camera function.

Silent Camera [High Quality]
Download Silent Camera [High Quality] for android

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