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Simon’s Cat – Pop Time MOD APK v1.44.1

Simon's Cat - Pop Time
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Simon’s Cat – Pop Time MOD APK  is a puzzle game from Tactile Games Limited, published on Dlpure for free. Join cute characters named Simons, Maisy, Chloe, Kitten, Jazz. You have to help the cat Mr. Simon and his gang against Mr. Potts to burst the bubbles and free all the creatures caught in the bubble traps and save them. Like other puzzle games, shoot bubbles at the bubbles of the same color to burst and remove them and earn points. Complete hundreds of challenging stages on your way and earn points. You can also use various boosters and boosters to successfully complete the stages one after another. Earn lots of coins and rewards by completing daily events and discover new gardens. You can also combine boosters to make them stronger and finish the stage faster. Play with your friends and burst all the bubbles in each level and go to the next level.

What do you experience in the game Simon’s Cat – Pop Time?
Pop Time is a bubble shooter with cute and friendly content, and now it even includes Simon’s Cat to make things even more ridiculous and fun. The player’s journey passes through many lands, each of which has its own secrets and even gives everyone discoveries for the cat. Not stopping here, all miracles happen randomly, making things even more exciting for the cat to be enthusiastic about completing countless challenges.

An intoxicating and delightful journey with beautiful elements
The journey of players in Pop Time is endless as they have to travel across many lands and face many challenges to get the best rewards. The variety of terrains is also a gameplay advantage, as each location has surprises or features that enrich everyone’s experience. Of course, each level has leaderboards to indirectly boost everyone’s spirits and push them to get the best score to perform the best compared to others.

Calm gameplay
Bubble shooter also has rich potential and fun for players to use in every level to get the highest score possible. In addition, it has many soothing and humorous elements that always make any combination exciting and create a positive atmosphere to cheer up the mood. Many mysterious elements also often appear in progress. Players need to act fast to make things work in their favor and score a lot of points in a limited time to get better scores.

Fascinating game modes with endless creativity
The variety of game modes in Pop Time is also impressive and abundant, so that players have many options for entertainment instead of following the most basic rules. Depending on one’s taste, the game modes offer different rewards or sensations, including everyone’s progress in the overview. Many special game modes only appear on big occasions and are also a good opportunity for everyone to respond to more positive and refreshing activities than usual.

Interact with the cat for healthy and beautiful moments
Interacting with Simon’s Cat is a useful method of soul healing as the cat is lovable and always creates a positive atmosphere around the player. Depending on how they interact, the outcome is different, and so is the opportunity to receive many small rewards through the cat’s gestures or requests. Many new interactions will be unlocked in the future, always bringing more refreshing moments for players to relax while adventuring through many lands or levels.

Keep matching bubbles to create combos
The most common rule in Pop Time is match-3 and players have to shoot balls in high positions to break more things. If they manage to score in a row, a chain of combinations will appear, multiplying their score by creating endless bubbles. Many other impressive things, such as special bubbles, will have a massive explosion effect, which is perfect for players to knock off important points or score a lot of points if they succeed in scoring the combo.

Unlock new characters for amazing background settings
As players continuously complete events, challenges and levels at high speed, many new characters will be unlocked and gradually join the journey. This makes the background more lively and gives people many new ideas to interact with each other through the bubbles. Some characters will have more effects instead of using the classic methods to help players be as stylish and aggressive as possible when bursting bubbles.

Pop Time is a bubble shooter game with relaxing and creative gameplay for everyone to have fun with puzzles and an adorable cat. More content will increase the quality of the gameplay and everyone will have more opportunities to experience the most impressive and creative game modes.

Some features
Intoxicating and relaxing gameplay allows players to have fun with the cat as they travel through different lands, regions and more.
A fun and engaging bubble shooter gameplay that heavily emphasizes match-3 elements with focused combo features.
Exciting game modes with maximum creativity to immerse players in unlimited fun with distinct styles and rules apart from the normal game mode.
Interact with the cat to get more unique animations and heal the soul through the cute and lovely results of playing with the cute cat.
Different characters diversify the background and have more fun interactions for more relaxation and happiness during the gameplay.


Some features of Simon’s Cat – Pop Time  MOD APK  Android game :

  • Existence of a variety of challenging stages
  • Participate in daily events
  • Contains hundreds of challenging levels
  • Simple and addictive puzzle gameplay
  • Earn lots of coins and boosters
  • The presence of beautiful characters
  • Includes new and enjoyable backgrounds
Simon's Cat - Pop Time
Download Simon's Cat - Pop Time for android

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