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Sleep Sounds MOD APK 1.2.6 (PRO)

Sleep Sounds: White Noise
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Sleep Sounds: White NoiseSleep Sounds: White NoiseSleep Sounds: White NoiseSleep Sounds: White Noise

Trouble to fall asleep? Insomnia? Snoring partner? Want to relieve stress and anxiety? Try white noise!

White noise is a background sound with high, middle and low frequencies, they are distributed evenly and sound at the same volume, without any differences. In our life, we are constantly faced with white noise. It can be the noise from the rain, the sound of a hairdryer, the crackle of a fire, the noise of a vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, and others.

Sounds for sleep and rest will help get rid of insomnia, begin to fall asleep like a baby, finally relax or concentrate and do meditation.

Try and be amazed at how easy it is to fall asleep with soothing sounds for sleeping (white noise). Choose and combine your own sounds mixes to relieve stress or increase concentration. Set a timer and do not worry about the battery of the phone, the timer will smoothly drown out sounds.

Combine sounds as individually as possible for your relaxation and sleep using combinations of different categories:

  • sounds of rain (light rain, rain under umbrella, rain on leaves, thunder, etc.)
  • sounds of nature (wind, bonfire, sea breeze, lake, drops in a cave)
  • animal sounds (birds, owls, cat purrs, crickets, frogs)
  • home sounds (keyboard, fan, vacuum cleaner, old clock, washing machine)
  • city sounds (station, crowd, traffic)

Sleep Sounds Features:

  • play sounds for sleep in the background;
  • customizable timer, after which the sounds smoothly subside;
  • customizable volume of individual sounds;
  • create your own sounds mixes;
  • bedtime reminder;
  • night mode.

In our application you will find more than 50 sounds for sleep and relaxation from different categories.

Sleep Sounds: White Noise
Download Sleep Sounds: White Noise for android

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