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Screenshots – Snake Game MOD APK is an adventure game from Apps2US Studios, which is similar to and Worms Zone .io, except that you had to compete with worms and in this game there are snakes, so snakes Choose yourself and try to make it the biggest snake. Try to eat glowing orbs in your path to grow. You get longer and wider as you crawl across the orbs. Controlling your snake here is very simple, it is completely controlled using the mouse. The snake is constantly crawling in the direction of your mouse pointer, so by moving your finger you can easily turn your snake or increase its speed and thus quickly get out of the way of other worms. is a multiplayer game that allows you to fight against others in real-time massive multiplayer matches and trap other players by bypassing them. This game has been downloaded and installed more than 50 million times in Google Play Store. Quickly go to the center and steal food from enemies to grow up faster. Sneak in front of your opponents, trap and defeat them, then eat their remains to grow big. You can find more enemies by sharing the game on social media.

Some features of the – Snake Game Android game MOD APK :

  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • Control your snake
  • Steal food from your enemies
  • Participating in multiplayer RailTike competitions, fight with others.
  • Cartoon graphics without text, sound and music
  • Share the game on social media - Snake Game
Download - Snake Game for android

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