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Smart Charging – Charge Alarm 1.1.9 (Pro)

Smart Charging - Charge Alarm
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Smart Charging - Charge AlarmSmart Charging - Charge AlarmSmart Charging - Charge Alarm

Smart Charging is an application that helps you easily apply your custom charging modes. Monitor battery charging process, warn of full battery charge status, help protect battery health.

How Smart Charging work?
With Smart Charging, you can easily apply the charging mode with just 1 touch. The app also finds and pauses apps running in the background that are draining your battery. Easy to use app that saves you time.

When you plug in the charger, you just need to press the “Smart Charging” button to activate it. The application will find and pause the applications running in the background causing battery drain. The application also turns off battery draining services and connections such as Wifi, Bluetooth, Auto Sync. Reduce screen brightness, Let your screen turn off sooner, Turn off keyboard sounds or vibrations… according to the user’s favorite settings.
When you want to stop the charging mode, you just need to click the “Stop” button. The settings will be restored to the way they were before.

Charge Alarm
The app will remind you when the battery is fully charged. With many options of sound reminders and vibration alerts. This feature will help you avoid letting the battery charge for too long, thereby better protecting the battery

The Highlights Features:

  • Beautiful Flat design, easy to use.
  • Shows the battery info such as temperature, voltage and Capacity.
  • Auto kill background apps when screen is off.
  • Monitor the charging process.
  • Show battery charge history.

Thanks for use Smart Charging 2022
Contact us at: maxdevstudio.feedback@gmail.com

Smart Charging - Charge Alarm
Download Smart Charging - Charge Alarm for android

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