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Smart Notify MOD APK 6.1.825 (Premium)

Smart Notify - Calls & SMS
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Smart Notify - Calls & SMSSmart Notify - Calls & SMSSmart Notify - Calls & SMSSmart Notify - Calls & SMSSmart Notify - Calls & SMS

All of us receive messages or calls from our friends during the day, which come to our notice through notifications. Sometimes, due to the large number of these notifications, we reject them and we will not have access to them like before. One of the best ways to view received notifications is to use a smart tool. Smart Notify Full is a full-featured notification application developed by Milan Vyšata for Android and published in the Google Play market. With this software, you will be able to easily view the full text of messages or other received notifications in the form of pop-up pages and respond to them if necessary. One of the latest features included in this program, which has been greatly appreciated by users, is the system of reading the text of notifications, so that in various situations, such as driving, there is no need to look at the screen and read the text of your messages. You will be informed. Use your camera flash as an alert system so you don’t miss any of your calls again!

Some features and capabilities of the Smart Notify Full Android program:

Display incoming calls and messages in the form of a pop-up page
Smart reminder to respond to incoming notifications
Flash or LED warning to be notified of any message or call
Intelligent vibration system to understand the receipt of SMS
Block unwanted calls and messages
Add SMS or missed calls to the calendar

Fully functional with Android 10
How to hide service notification in Android 8 and above: https://youtu.be/sSdMUba763Y

If you have problem with delay after select number detail on some phones then try in Settings/Special settings turn on item Disable MMS in lists


Smart Notify is not a full replacement for messaging applications because it does not support sending MMS messages. The setting as the default message application needs to be deleted and partly for sending messages

  • dialer with fast T9 search
  • added change of color of the phone LED on notifications from other applications
  • quick reply option in popup window for applications which supports this feature
  • Dual SIM support on Android 5.1 systems and higher, see it on: here
  • displays incoming MMS
  • smartwatches support (reminder, full battery notification)
  • car mode with speakerphone and auto turn on display and reading messages
  • now with automatic speech support in popup window (reading sms, missed calls…) (long press on speak button)
  • sending SMS in selected time
  • advanced SMS and calls manager with popup window notification with reminder for SMS, calls, events and apps WhatsApp, Google+, Facebook and many others.
  • displays pending calls and sms
  • length of ringing in missed calls
  • LED flash for incoming call or SMS in silent profile
  • notifications for full charged battery, loss or detected GSM (wifi) signal and when you disconnect the charging
  • Smart vibrations – if you have a new message or a missed call, your phone when removed from the pocket vibrates or turn display on
  • automatic display lights or vibration when moving the phone if the phone was previously at rest in a horizontal position
  • blocks unwanted calls and text messages
  • mute ringing with hand on phone (on devices with proximity sensor) – covering the phone or by turning down will mute ringer and vibration
  • adding SMS or missed calls to calendar
  • the possibility to reject calls from hidden numbers

and many other features

This app uses Accessibility services.

Smart Notify - Calls & SMS
Download Smart Notify - Calls & SMS for android

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