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Soccer Super Star
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Soccer Super Star MOD APK is a sports game from the Real Free Soccer game studio, which is published in D for free. In this Android game, you can experience and enjoy a super real football. Here you just swipe your finger on the screen to hit the ball and put it into the goal. As the game progresses, the shots become more challenging and you need a good strategy for shots and splitting the defense. Superstar Soccer doesn’t get too complicated, but it still ramps up the difficulty while offering the best kicking experience! Be the champion in every race. Advance in dream leagues and reflect your personal strategy in the games. The dynamic levels of the game in addition to the beautiful artwork make you experience a real football. Play and earn points. Manage your team of eleven. Use the latest motion capture technology of star players and unlock star players. Join weekly offline tournaments and be the champion of your country and club. To move and shoot, simply move and drag your finger on the ball to move together, shoot the ball and pass through the walls of defenders. We also suggest not to miss the eFootball PES 2021 game.

Introducing the soccer game Soccer Super Star for Android:
Become a super soccer player with Soccer Super Star. A legendary soccer role-playing game where you can unleash your peak skills and hard-hitting tactics. This game is made with realistic 3D graphics, vivid sound, complex and perfect design techniques. If you’re a fan of fiery races on the pitch, this is definitely the game you need to experience right away.

Simple game, easy game master
To control all 11 players on your field, all you have to do is hold, drag and move the touch screen. The screen is divided into two sides, including the moving part and the keys for passing close, passing away, shooting. You just have to move the player holding the ball, pass or shoot in the right positions in the simplest level. The players marked above are the players controlled by you.

However, if that’s the case, Soccer Super Star will hardly become a top-notch game. Once you’ve mastered the basic moves and passing keys, you’ll need to learn more about combining them to create beautiful skills through people. Not only do they create a sense of excitement, but they also increase your attacks. The first matches may only require precision in the basic moves, but the game will become more difficult later on. At this stage, skills are beneficial through people.

Different player systems, with clear classification
Soccer Super Star is almost completely updated with players as well as leading teams in the world. Players are equipped with specific stats to shape their playing position, such as shooting, passing, fitness, skill, blocking, speed, etc. Depending on the indicator, players determine the appropriate position of their forte as in reality.

Grass stars in this game are what every player wants to have. However, they are often very valuable and you have to spend a lot of gold to get them. Instead, these superstars have vastly superior stats. Another unique thing about this game is the appearance of legendary players who actually retired a long time ago. However, these players are not always available. You have to wait for the opportunity, collect enough gold and take the opportunity as soon as they are sold.

Beautiful 3D graphics, full detail simulation
This is one of the highlights of Superstar Football. The players in the game are animated in 3D. You can see them in real life in the store. Spectator effects, pitches, passing techniques, passing to people, catching the ball, celebration effects, even small details like electric lights or billboards are all faithfully reproduced. Realistic, complex and eye-catching.

The replay technique or third person perspective gives the player a more comprehensive view. Curved balls on the pitch made from long passes, free kicks or corners make players feel like they are standing on real grass. Along with background music effects, commentator’s voice. All combine to make your ball game truly engaging.

Support money and upgrade players
The rules of the game are not only single matches, but you can also participate in whole matches. You have to fight straight, get enough points in the group stage, pass the tournament in the final stage and win the trophy for yourself. Through each match, the difficulty will increase. But don’t worry, you can collect gold from every victory, use it to upgrade your players. Depending on the initial value of the player, the stat increases to a certain maximum.

Once the team is strong enough, you will enter more advanced matches. Your opponents will be world-class clubs or strong national teams. Even at the end of each season, if you win, you have the chance to face the all-star team of the tournament. It is truly a top game. Teams and players are constantly updated based on the latest teams in the world.

Offline support game, you can play anytime
In offline mode you can fully buy players, upgrade skills and participate in tournaments. However, some of the gold earning missions will be limited compared to the online mode, but this will ensure that the quality of your match is quite smooth and not affected by Wi-Fi or mobile data. You can even connect two phones face to face with your friend online, which is a memorable experience. Now, remember to use the strongest team and skills you can to win Soccer Super Star.


Some features of Soccer Super Star MOD APK Android game :

  • Manage your team
  • Unlock star players
  • Powerful simulation with accurate ball physics
  • Play with smart A.I
  • Super simple game controls
Soccer Super Star
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