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Space shooter – Galaxy attack MOD APK v1.706

Space shooter - Galaxy attack
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Space Shooter – Galaxy Shooting MOD APK is an arcade game from OneSoft Studio, which has been released on Dlpure for free. One day our beautiful galaxy is attacked by space invaders. They have destroyed everything. You are the last hero of the galaxy who must save the galaxy from alien enemies. So take control of your spaceship and protect the galaxy. So fight against a large number of enemies and fight powerful bosses in space battles. So upgrade your spaceship and change your weapons and shoot at the enemies. The future of the galaxy is in your hands, so prepare for battle with deadly weapons.

What do you experience in the game Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting?

Space shooting is a game in the galaxy with many terrorist attacks from aliens. You will have the chance to become a talented captain and lead the army to stand to defeat those evil enemies. To protect the MILF team, you must have an innovative and wise battle strategy, you must not always be passive, but on the contrary, be flexible and dominate the match.

Choose a great battle for yourself
The first thing you need is a battleship full of stars to build and create a huge new space for yourself. The ship you choose is strong, big and able to hold huge mass. In addition, your teammates are also an important-good factor, and they are the members who always stand by your side and fight with you. Be a skilled and skilled commander in any difficult situation.

More than 200 different levels with alternative options
By entering this game, you will get more than 200 different game levels. Each group brings you fascinating, interesting and rich details of war. The powerful opponent you have to face are the alien invaders. They will find a way to destroy your ship and defeat you. That’s why you have to be careful about different situations, don’t be too mental, don’t give up, but on the contrary, always and everywhere be careful and alert and at the same time learn and know how to manage those situations. . status as soon as possible. In addition, you also find times when they don’t care to bombard and attack them.

Show your gun storm
If you’re a shooter, check out Space Shooter. It helps you experience shooting battles across the galaxy. This is an exciting game that gives you time to relax and entertain your mind. In addition, you are allowed to cooperate with your friends or relatives to skillfully fight against all enemies. With years of experience in shooting techniques and attacking opponents, you have hit all enemies easily and without spending much time.

Vivid, beautiful graphic design
Space shooter has given players an alien space full of mystery and more vitality. Players will be thrilled by the stunning and flawless designs. In addition, the light screen that supports the game screen is extremely sharp and delicate, and also contains many new and beautiful super effects. Moreover, the background music is also exciting and gives the players more sense of fun.

Complete any mission every day
Every day you will be given a mission by space shooter which is very interesting and fun through gun. It is your responsibility to perform all assigned tasks to the best of your ability. In addition, here, you can also play the wheel of fortune to find free prizes or gems every day. More than that, you need to know how to upgrade and upgrade your ship to become more modern using coins and gems. Not only that, but you need to know how to use some valuable items to level up faster.

Key Features
Perfect Shoot’em up: Choose your battleship, spaceship and other components to create your space team! Remember that survival is essential!
A campaign that is difficult to complete: almost 200 levels full of alien invaders! Infinite shooting missions should be among your priorities!
HUGE, EPIC BOSSES: This is your chance to show off your skills. Have fun with Arcade Galaxy Shooter Space War Game – Boosted
PVP – Multiplayer online shooters, cooperate with a friend, form a space team and put your name on the global leaderboard.
Stunning designs, incredible lighting and fantastic effects are on display.
Every day a lucky wheel, a daily mission and free gems await you.


Some features of Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting MOD APK  Android game :

  • Amazing lighting and great special effects
  • Includes different power ups
  • Battle with different and powerful bosses
  • Global leaderboards and lucky ring
  • Having different types of weapons and upgrading your ship
  • Excellent graphics and exciting sound
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Space shooter - Galaxy attack
Download Space shooter - Galaxy attack for android

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