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Star Chef 2: Restaurant Game MOD APK v1.6.8

Star Chef™ 2: Cooking Game
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Star Chef™ 2: Cooking GameStar Chef™ 2: Cooking GameStar Chef™ 2: Cooking GameStar Chef™ 2: Cooking Game

Star Chef 2: Restaurant Game MOD APK is the second version of the Star Chef simulation game from the game studio 99Games, which has been released on Dlpure for free. In this series, you become a professional chef who knows you from all over the world. Now you have to make delicious food in your dream restaurant and get customers to come to your restaurant. Recruit and manage staff and use cooking utensils and equipment to make great food and compete with all the restaurants in town. Participate in various missions and cook more than 85 types of food. You can also customize the decoration of your restaurant, from the walls to the floor, etc., so that your restaurant is different from the restaurants of other players. So by buying your restaurant and renovating it, make it the most popular and best restaurant and earn money by cooking all kinds of delicious food. You can also form a team or group with other chefs so that you can chat with each other and participate in competitions and compete with other chefs to reach the highest level. You can also create a garden of the products you need so that they are available to you whenever you want. Click to download the first version of the Star Che game.

Play as a chef in Star Chef 2: Restaurant Game

If you are a professional or amateur chef and want to experience new and creative dishes, Star Chef 2: Restaurant Game is the first choice for you. Stepping here, you can admire your 5-star international restaurant model. Not only that, you can even hire international staff and different chefs to provide your customers with special experiences through food. Can this restaurant with the creativity and intelligence of the players be successful and attract millions of people to visit?

Star Chef 2 Android game

When players set foot here, they fulfill the mission of a cook. You can show off your talent and art by preparing delicious dishes from Europe to Asia, from appetizers to desserts. You have to satisfy the customer’s taste with experience and immediately step in this direction. It can be a baked, grilled or even steamed or boiled dish.

the restaurant owner
Star Chef 2 has given you a restaurant job which is the foundation of your growth in this cooking war. In addition to great food, the beauty of the restaurant also plays an important role in attracting diners. We allow you to choose furniture such as tables and chairs, flower pots or even the smallest things such as spoons and tablecloths. Use your creativity to make the restaurant unique and beautiful in the eyes of diners.

Learn the recipes
Players are constantly learning to create brand new recipes. With over 200 recipes already available, you can use this as a base for future development to flourish. This is a valuable asset that no one can have, so whether your restaurant is successful or not depends a lot on the formula. From pizza to meat to side dishes like fries, you can get addicted.

Hiring an international
Chef Star Chef 2 takes your restaurant to the next level with its appearance and allows you to hire more chefs from around the world. This is considered an improvement in this style of play. You hire them as employees, and they are also friends and colleagues who help the place thrive. Thanks to this, you also learn more and expand the style of dishes in this battle.

Caring for the vegetable garden
Non-stop, Star Chef 2 continuously brings you the most exciting experiences. We take you on an adventure with hundreds of delicious dishes. Now adding a new twist to this empire comes a special vegetable garden. This will be a place to produce fresh and clean ingredients for your restaurant. This is a unique advantage when you save both money and time searching for goods. At the same time, you are also tasked with becoming a reluctant farm owner.

Team challenge
In addition to building a commercial restaurant and developing it with a passion for cooking great food for dinner, you can participate in small to large scale. You will be in a competitive ranking with hundreds of different talented chefs. PVP matches judged by skill criteria await you to become the champion. In this way, players can learn and connect with many new friends to improve their level and cooking skills.

Become a professional chef who conquers cuisine.
Manage legendary restaurants around the world.
Hire top chefs to help your career.
Take care of the green vegetable garden after stressful working hours.
Participate in competitive Champions Tournaments.

Some features of the Star Chef 2: Restaurant Game MOD APK Android game:

  • Contains interesting stories
  • Complete more than 80 missions
  • More than 85 specialties from burgers and pizzas to frittatas and waffles
  • Customize your restaurant decoration
  • Completing international missions in cooking skills
  • Create teams and groups with other chefs and participate in competitions and chat with each other
  • Compete with real chefs in skill-based competitions to top the leaderboard
  • Learn fun and historical facts about foods
  • Create a vegetable garden and harvest fresh produce
  • The existence of a grocery store and buying dishes,
Star Chef™ 2: Cooking Game
Download Star Chef™ 2: Cooking Game for android

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