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Sticker Maker for Telegram – Make TG Stickers (Vip)

Want to make your personal stickers for Telegram? Looking for an app that can easily make stickers and create stickers fast and free for TG? Then this Sticker Maker for Telegram – Make TG Stickers is definitely what you want!

Sticker Maker for Telegram – Make TG Stickers🏆 is a Telegram sticker maker app which helps create your own TG stickers in simple steps. With this sticker app. You can easily make personal stickers or customize the stickers for your own. This way, you can have a lot of personal stickers to express your emotion easily and have more fun with friends when chatting on Telegram.

So please install this Sticker Maker for Telegram – Make TG Stickers App and have a try now!

How to use

  1. Choose an image which you want to make it into a sticker.
  2. Add emoji, decorations, text or words to customize your sticker
  3. Click save when finishing edit. Then you can export your stickers to Telegram or WhatsApp.

Sticker Maker for Telegram Features

  • Free Sticker Maker and Sticker DIY app for Telegram
  • Support both Telegram, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business etc.
  • Use words, decorations to make your sticker out of standing,
  • Have fun with your friends with own telegram stickers.
  • Crop the portrait or object with hand free, circle or square easily
  • Lots of Emoji and decorations like hats, glasses, hair, heart shapes etc
  • Highlight, Curve text effect to make your text funny.
  • Customize your stickers with stylish text colors and fonts
  • Use sticker border to make your sticker more standing out.
  • Share your sticker packs with your friends.
  • Easy to add stickers created to Telegram and use them in the chat

Free and easy TG sticker maker

Sticker Maker for Telegram – Make TG Stickers 🏆 is a dedicated sticker maker and sticker creator for Telegram. It’s very easy to use. With 3 easy steps, you can make a lot of personalized stickers. It is compatible with Telegram, WhatsApp, even WhatsApp business.

Customize Telegram stickers with photos of yourself or friends

You can choose your own pictures or friends’ pictures to create personalized funny stickers. It will be funny to use your own stickers with your friends when chatting on Telegram. With this application , Make your own emoji to express yourself more easily. Make custom stickers to tell the feeling and stories. Have more fun with friends in chat. Easy to celebrate every happy moment and holidays.

Make your own Text stickers

You can skip the photo selection process and create your own text sticker. Make full use of the special effects of text on the editing page. Make your text stickers more vivid.

Share your sticker pack with friends on Telegram

You can quickly and easily share your created sticker to telegram, let more people see your Telegram sticker pack, use your TG stickers, like your creative stickers.

So it is really a good sticker maker and deserves to be installed and try.


  • Sticker Maker for Telegram – Make TG Stickers is not affiliated with Telegram, WhatsApp. It is a tool to create Telegram stickers.
  • The stickers are created and owned by users, so the users are responsible for the stickers created.

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Thanks very much for using Sticker Maker for Telegram – Make TG Stickers. Wish you a happy day!

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🎁Add more decorations, use them when editing!


  • Note:Exporting of stickers works for only official Telegram’s pkg name app only

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