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Tank Stars
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Tank Stars MOD APK is an arcade game from Playgendary game studio, which is released on Dlpure for free. In this Android game, you have to choose from a variety of weapons that can range from a simple missile to an atomic bomb. Find the right angle and shoot and destroy the tanks of your opponents. Play with your friends in online multiplayer battles and destroy them. With the points you earn, you can collect or upgrade better tanks and weapons.

What do you experience by downloading and installing the game Tank Stars?

Do you want to enjoy a game that feels fun and refreshing? Tank Stars will help you do this. This is the best game where you can test your shooting, have fun with your friends and challenge opponents from all over the world.

Tank control and battle games
Tank Stars is an addictive video game with stunning custom tanks and photos. Everything is in your hands and you will control your battle tank and shoot at a specific target. With a huge arsenal of vehicles and weapons, you will experience the feeling of destroying everything. The graphics and visual effects are also beautifully polished to give you the most exciting experience.

Easy gameplay
If you have ever played coordinate shooting games like Gunny or similar, this game can’t be difficult for you. However, if you are a new player and new to this genre, it’s not a problem at all, it’s easy to play with anyone, but it takes a certain amount of practice to master. The gameplay of this game is also the same. You place the vehicle in the right place to attack and then control the projectile to hit the opponent.

Sometimes your projectiles aren’t very accurate, but you’ll need a lot of trials like that to master Tank Stars. Your bullets or rockets hit the ground and create bumps, and the more you hit a spot, the smoother it gets. You will fight your opponent, the blood column will be at the top and cover the names of the people in the battle. The more damage you do, the less circulation. You and your opponent will fight until each side depletes their health bar.

Different game modes
You can fully enjoy the game with four attractive and unique game modes with different amazing things. You can practice your skills while playing against the car and you can play with your friends and family in two-player mode to make the victories more emotional. You can also battle other players around the world to compete in battle with the online PvP battle mode, or you can freely compete in exciting seasonal events and tournaments.

Collect tanks, fire and upgrade them
Collect a beautiful collection of 15 different tanks, each with different looks and abilities. There are tanks with huge missile heads that can do a lot of damage and the effect of creating missiles is fantastic. However, to get used to the game, you start the game with a basic tank and then you can upgrade your skills and levels to collect the most powerful tanks.

Gold is the main currency in Tank Stars, you use gold to trade and upgrade everything. You can use gold to buy tanks, missiles and don’t forget to upgrade your missiles to get the maximum damage possible, then you will defeat your opponent easily in a fraction of a second. Collect the cards of the tanks and missiles you want to use, then upgrade them to make your weapons do the most damage and increase their resistance to enemy attacks.

Grow from our decision
In mech battles you can easily win, but in uncompromising PvP battles, you will be destroyed if you slow down or miss the target. So it’s important to practice to increase your ability to hit the target, fight against cars or friends to practice skills. Then, when you fight in hand-to-hand battles and feel strong enough or participate in tournaments to compete for the championship.

High explosion image and sound effects
Even if your device is poorly configured, you can still play this game smoothly. The graphics of the game are designed to be simple, not crowded, but still provide features and appeal. Especially the explosion effect is very beautiful, explosions with different effects will give you a sense of satisfaction and freshness. Each type of missile also has its own type, and each sound effect creates a vivid and very realistic sound for each explosion.

Nothing can stop you and you are more determined and better than you think. Train hard and in no time you will destroy all enemies and be on the world leaderboard. Join Tank Stars to prove yourself and enjoy the fun.

Some features of Tank Stars MOD APK  Android game :

  • Participate in online multiplayer battles and play with your friends
  • Including all kinds of deadly weapons
  • Collect and upgrade your tank
  • Excellent graphic effects
  • Perform extraordinary shootings
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Tank Stars
Download Tank Stars for android

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