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Tessa Icons
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Tessa IconsTessa IconsTessa IconsTessa IconsTessa Icons

There are several different ways to customize the Android environment, one of which is to change the icons of the programs. Usually there are several different tools that help to quickly create an icon and replace it with the default icon of the application. One of the most important limitations in such cases is the lack of ideas for making icons! Because as you must have understood by now, the design of symbols requires enough ideas and creativity. However, it is better to forget the use of icon making programs and go to the available packages in this field! Packages that help us save time and quickly change the interface by giving us access to a set of icons. Tessa Icon Pack is the title of Tessa’s special and shapeless icon pack developed by widgetology and published on Google Play. As it is clear from the title of the program, one of the main features of this icon pack is its extraordinary shapelessness! In such a way that the development team did not use any special rules to make the icons and did not consider a circular or square background for the icons. There are several hundreds of different icons in the heart of this startup app, which you don’t have to face any restrictions to access, and you will be able to see a preview of them before selecting the icons. The development team paid special attention to the quality of the icons and tried to use the utmost precision in each icon. To increase the attractiveness of the icons in this package, you will be able to use the available dedicated wallpapers and eliminate the need for another third-party program. Unlike many icon packs, this pack supports popular launchers and covers a wide range of users.

Some features of the Tessa Icon Pack Android program:

Access to an endless collection of icon types
Special icons with different designs compared to each other
Using maximum accuracy in designed icons
An option to request the creation of your favorite icon
Support for various Android launchers
Having access to several dedicated wallpapers and compatible with icons
Constant updates to change the icons with the latest designs
Very high data loading speed!

Tessa is a shapeless icon pack, in a vibrant mix of gradients.
Perfectly synced to give a clean feel and organized aesthetic to your homescreens.
A fresh and polished approach.

Icons and walls designed by IcarusAP. Build development by Vishal Kashi.
Thanks to Jahir Fiquitva for Blueprint Dashboard.

This is not a standalone app! You need a compatible launcher to use this app!

If your launcher is not mentioned in this description don’t even think about purchasing this icon pack:

Compatible Launchers:

Nova, Lawnchair, Hyperion, Evie, Apex, Atom, Go, Holo, Holo ICS, LineageOS Themes, LG Home, OnePlus Launcher, Niagra, Lucid, Pixel, Posidon, Smart, TSF, Solo

Special Thanks to Pratik S, Anupam A, NoDexDev, HarshV23, Nedia Patrik, Higor, Debangsu B, Vinicius, Rini S and other testers.

Tessa Icons
Download Tessa Icons for android

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