Tevegram MOD APK 2.4.3 (Premium)

Tevegram : Telegram for TV
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Tevegram : Telegram for TVTevegram : Telegram for TVTevegram : Telegram for TVTevegram : Telegram for TV

Welcome to Tevegram : Telegram for TV – an unofficial, tailor-made Telegram client designed exclusively for Android TV, reinventing the way you interact with Telegram features.

With Tevegram, watch movies, chat with friends, family, and colleagues directly from your TV. Don’t miss a beat of your favourite shows or movies as Tevegram’s unique overlay notifications deliver important updates and messages without disrupting your viewing experience.

With Tevegram : Telegram for TV, multitasking becomes a breeze. Whether you’re engrossed in movies, relishing some music, or browsing through movies content from your conversations, Tevegram: Telegram for TV, ensures a smooth, integrated experience. Awaiting a group movies night or a gaming marathon with friends? Keep up with the action with real-time notifications.

Tevegram : Telegram for TV isn’t just about chats, movies and notifications. It’s a potent tool for automation enthusiasts and Telegram channel followers. Browse and enjoy movies shared in your conversations, transfer files directly to your TV, and receive on-screen notifications of updates, all without the need to reach for your phone.

Tevegram offers an intuitive, seamless navigation for an unparalleled TV-based Telegram experience.

Please note, Tevegram is an independent Telegram client and is not affiliated with the official Telegram app or its developers.

Tevegram : Telegram for TV
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