TextToMp3-text to speech(TTS) v2.0.24 (Premium)

TextToMp3-text to speech(TTS)
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TextToMp3-text to speech(TTS)TextToMp3-text to speech(TTS)TextToMp3-text to speech(TTS)TextToMp3-text to speech(TTS)TextToMp3-text to speech(TTS)

TextToMp3 is a online text-to-speech (TTS) dubbing software that provides multilingual speech synthesis services and supports a wide range of voice announcers and various types of background music. In addition to supporting the text-to-speech function, TextToMp3 also provides a recording function, which allows background music to be added after recording. Let users easily create mp3 files and enjoy the fun of text-to-speech.

TextToMp3 Core Features:

TextToMp3 supports text-to-speech.
TextToMp3 supports multilingual dubbing, such as English dubbing, Japanese dubbing, Korean dubbing etc.
TextToMp3 supports adding background music.
TextToMp3 supports recording functions.
TextToMp3 supports multiple channels of mp3 sharing and export.
TextToMp3 supports text-to-speech and mp3 playback, but the exported mp3 file requires a fee.
TextToMp3 supports speech synthesis, but the export of mp3 files is charged.

Applicable scenarios:

  1. Advertising dubbing: shopping mall advertising dubbing, corporate advertising dubbing, movie dubbing, etc.
  2. Speech synthesis: making various dubbing, novel dubbing, magazines, textbook reading, etc.
  3. Broadcast dubbing: broadcasting of schools, enterprises, stations, airports and shopping centers.
  4. Multimedia dubbing: CD commentary, group ring tones, telecommunications and financial CTI voice recording.
  5. Commentary dubbing: enterprise feature film, architectural animation, project tender commentary and other voice interpretation.
  6. Teaching dubbing: recording electronic dictionaries, textbooks, e-books and all kinds of voice IC series recording.
  7. Supported dubbing languages:
    Chinese , English (US), English (India), English(UK), English(Wales), English(Australia), Japanese, Russian, Korean, French (French), French(Canada), German, Danish, Icelandic, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese(Portugal), Portuguese(Brazil), Spanish(Spanish), Spanish(US), Spanish(Mexico), Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish, Welsh, Turkish.

Text-to-speech online conversion, focusing on online dubbing services.
If you have any questions, please send an email to texttomp3@qq.com.

TextToMp3-text to speech(TTS)
Download TextToMp3-text to speech(TTS) for android

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