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The Ants: Underground Kingdom MOD APK v3.12.0

The Ants: Underground Kingdom
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The Ants: Underground KingdomThe Ants: Underground KingdomThe Ants: Underground KingdomThe Ants: Underground Kingdom

The Antis: Underground Kingdom MOD APK is a strategic game from Starunion Game Studios released on Dlpure . Under the ground you are the ruler of the ants that you must lead. Among the animals, nature is struggling to survive and reproduce. Here you can guide the queen and increase the colonies and defend the enemies. Your strategies are very important for the empire of the ants to be magnificent and successful. So make your hive cleverly and create hidden tunnels and build your ideal empire in the ant. Ant nests or clones are the Empire Castle, which is a safe and suitable place for the growth of the ants. The ants’ house layout is very important strategically. The number of ants indicates the emergence or fall of an ant. To develop the empire of your ants, you need to bring the ants as far as possible and guide them to war, plunder and expand your territory. At

The colony of the ants for Android to plunder your resources and expand your territory must build a powerful ant soldier. Here, in addition to advanced ant soldiers, you must have leaders for your ant soldiers called special ants. You can obtain powerful ants by hatching of mutated eggs. Your ant group will achieve great victories with a combination of soldier ants and special ants. Players must be at least 3 years old to download the game. As you know, fighting alone is not an easy task, so you have to join a unity or create your unity to help and fight each other and eventually grow. Success is always for the alliances that are united and consult with each other. So fight with the help of your allies and win the battles and conquer the underground world.

Have you ever imagined yourself as the king of ants and ants: an underground kingdom helps you fulfill this dream. This game allows players to make their big ants nest. The style of building a basic strategy brings you a lot of new experiences. You will learn about the development of ants and their nesting activities. At the same time, you also see the hunting and colonial wars of insects.

Constructing a group of ants
By opening the player to a large adventure of hard -working ants, you also have to be patient to help them find the food and ingredients to make the nest. This strategy game is made not only to build you, but also a dangerous war world. Start doing the tasks assigned by learning conceptual information to equip yourself with useful knowledge. The ants: The Underground Kingdom gives players a key place and an attempt to perform.

Watch the ants that make the nest, and in addition, you do other small things. You can also find your paths, but if you are a newcomer to this experience, it is best to adhere to the tasks specified. The left side of the screen shows specific tasks, in the excuse mark it gives you all the tasks of a page. Once you do well in every work, you will receive attractive gifts for your ant army.

Ask your questions for more power
Completion of missions helps you develop resources to expand your territory. Create your growth strategy to build your base. Each player has the speed of his construction. The faster you build, the stronger your ant nest and fight more enemies. This danger is always in your ambush, when the colonies around you can be considered an enemy unless they are surrounded by members who are united with you.

Ants: The underground kingdom allows players to accelerate their work with exciting events. You will start everything from the manufacturer. When your ant colonies have more members, you need to choose 4 builders to build everything. Sometimes a game message is displayed on the screen to inform you that the process of making your nest should be followed.

Change the view by going to the outside world
Build a warehouse to provide a place for ants to store resources. From there the productive ants automatically process the material and make the nest. Remember to regularly check your inventory to use essential items during the castle construction. When you make it, you will upgrade your queen ant. In addition, you have to build a solid army tunnel to resist the surprise attacks of other players. If you are tired of the underground world, you can change your colony to the outside world using the bottom right button. Check your surroundings to search for resources. Use the search button displayed on the left side of the screen.

Link to other colonies to create the most powerful group
If you want your ants to have a larger colony, you need to train them in the garrison. Make the ordinary ants stronger that they can fight. However, if you face a powerful opponent, this is when you need help. The way to become less colony is to bring your colony closer to where the members of the alliance are.

Unity with many other players will help you get more favorable in the battle and receive more awards. When you complete the daily mission and the main mission, The antis: Underground Kingdom gives you valuable awards. Do you want to be alone or to loot resources to expand the territory?

Empire your ants in The Ants: The Underground Kingdom and you are their leader. For survival and development, players need to have their strategies to protect their territory while also preventing threats from other creatures. Make the ant nests with the most amazing power of war and become the king of insects immediately.


Some of the features of The Ants: Underground Kingdom Android MOD APK :

  • the creation or joining of a unity
  • Creating a strategy you want
  • constructing an ant nest
  • Merge and combine ants
  • Loot of resources and expanding territory
  • Collect resources for survival
The Ants: Underground Kingdom
Download The Ants: Underground Kingdom for android

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