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The Seven Deadly Sins MOD APK v2.26.0

The Seven Deadly Sins
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The Seven Deadly Sins MOD APK is a role-playing game from the Netmarble game studio that has been released on Dlpure for free. The continent of Britain is alive! The holy war that ended 3000 years ago is starting again. In this Android game, you have to create the characters you want by combining unique skills and choose the strategy you want. Here you have to combine your cards and use them to determine your opponent and determine your opponent. Team up with your friends to destroy giant demons in Death Match mode and participate in varied and exciting PvP battles. So, together with a friend, defeat the demons after the kingdom’s time is over. Fight with other players from all over the world on the battlefield and find your own strategy to win. So build your team of heroes and customize your characters’ clothes, hairstyles and accessories to suit your needs.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a game inspired by the anime of the same name, when players once again meet familiar characters such as Meliodas. Players accompany different characters and overcome tactical battles against many enemies. At the same time, players can unlock unforgettable characters with unique characteristics.

Along with famous anime characters
If you are a fan of The Seven Deadly Sins anime, you should not miss The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. The story of the game begins with an event similar to the anime, where Elizabeth has the opportunity to meet Meliodas and seek his help when he is captured by the knights. At the same time, he gradually learns the true identity and power of Meliodas and continues his journey to find the remaining members.

During the game, players join different characters to overcome many challenging battles, which are turn-based tactical battles. The player determines all of the character’s actions by arranging the order of attacks. At the same time, these actions come in the form of cards that you can freely use from the card pool that you receive. In fact, many factors determine the outcome of your battle.

Attack the enemy with different attacks
When you control a character in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross and the attack belongs to you, you should look at the cards with accompanying symbols. In particular, you don’t have to guess what the card image represents, just guess the type of symbol associated with it. This icon shows the attack type of the card, such as attack cards, debuff cards, recovery cards and many more. In fact, you will be able to choose the right card to support your teammates and attack your enemies.

An interesting point when using the card is that the effect of the card easily increases depending on its rank. The rank number corresponds to the light spots on the bottom of the body, and of course you can see two cards close together that form one with a higher rank. Also, if you find them far apart, you can pull them closer to make the reaction possible, and once the process is complete, you can use it to test your strength.

Every attack you make helps fill your character’s ultimate gauge, which is located below their health bar. At the same time as the gauge fills up, a special effect appears and a card with a special appearance compared to other cards. It will definitely have a huge impact on the characters on the field and help you win. After each match, rewards appear, especially experience points for characters.

Many impressive characters with different powers
Before starting a match in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, you will see the party squares corresponding to the characters that can participate. At the same time, these squares are constantly unlocked as the player progresses and you will be able to recruit more powerful characters to face challenging enemies. You are also easily attracted to the constantly updated gacha character banners.

Depending on your luck, you’re sure to collect a variety of characters from the hit anime series. Additionally, the character set comes from the game’s counter system because depending on the enemy’s attribute characteristics, the character you control can deal more or less damage per attack. You must use this advantage to use character attacks.

Players will be accompanied by familiar characters from The Seven Deadly Sins animated series:

Players will embark on similar events in the anime of the same name and learn tactical combat mechanics around cards.
All cards have an icon in their corner that indicates their function, such as attack cards, debuff cards, recovery cards, etc.
Players will see the reactions of the two cards close to each other, and as they reach a higher rank, the effectiveness of the use will also improve.
Character banners can attract players and of course each character that appears has a unique role and ultimate skill.
A team’s strategy and formation is constantly changing as the damage dealt is regulated by the counter mechanism.


Some features of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross MOD APK Android game :

  • A strategic combat system using different skills
    Combine the cards and use them to create a final move to determine the opponent!
  • Combine unique skills and create your own strategy
  • Cooperate with your friends and defeat demons
  • Ability to fight with players around the world
  • Customize hairstyles and accessories to suit your needs
  • Dynamic fights
  • Has breathtaking animations
  • Combine cards to create the final move
  • High resolution 3D animated cutscenes
The Seven Deadly Sins
Download The Seven Deadly Sins for android

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