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TipRanks Stock Market Analysis
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TipRanks Stock Market AnalysisTipRanks Stock Market AnalysisTipRanks Stock Market AnalysisTipRanks Stock Market Analysis

Join millions of users who use TipRanks to research stocks, track stock portfolios, and stay up-to-date with fresh stock market news. With TipRanks Stock Market Analysis you can perform comprehensive stock research, follow the experts of your choice, and find new investment ideas every day.

TipRanks is a one-stop finance stock market app that offers a suite of simplified stock research tools, including:

  • Analysis of stock market trends and opinions from top industry analysts and advisors
  • Data-driven scores based on various stock market factors
  • Track stock market news and stock analysis articles featuring your watchlist stocks and portfolio stocks
  • Real-time quotes, interactive charts, index futures, and data for your favorite stocks and indices
  • Broad coverage of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and cryptocurrencies, including real-time stock market data and stock news
  • Coverage of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, all of which can be integrated into your Smart Portfolio.
  • Receive stock alerts, stocks to buy, hot stocks, stock price alerts, stock futures prices, top trending stocks, dividend stocks, penny stocks, etc.

Whether you are an aspiring investor seeking advice, or an experienced investor, you can leverage investment opportunities and invest like a pro when you have access to the best data and analysis tools.


  • Find out what experts think are the best stock picks, based on their top ratings
  • Analyze data according to your investment strategy and gain a comprehensive view of your stocks
  • Utilize our data-driven Smart Score advisor, based on different market factors, to gain immediate insight into your portfolio stocks


  • Sync or create a stocks portfolio and receive a full analysis, and research new stocks ideas
  • Build your customized watchlist and keep track of stock picks
  • Include ETFs and crypto assets in your portfolio holdings for diversification
  • Stay on top of your portfolio with our easy-to-use Stock Market Tracker


  • Get the latest stock market news & stock news, including insightful stock insights, top analysts’ advice, and Strong Buy and Strong Sell stocks
  • Extensive information about each ETF, and analysis of the current sentiment by Wall Street analysts, financial bloggers, corporate insiders, and hedge funds
  • Keep track of top daily gainers or losers, upcoming stock events, IPOs, earnings, tsx stocks, Canadian stock events, Canadian ETFs, and more.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest stock market news and analysis by adding a news widget to your home screen


  • Receive push notifications or email alerts about your favorite stocks and experts
  • Keep track of all your notifications with our handy alert center
  • Obtain key information about stock charts, including statistics, earnings, dividends, stock price targets, and advice from expert analysts


  • Advanced Stock Research – First-class market intelligence, sourced from unique algorithms
  • Analysts’ Top Stocks – Let Wall Street analysts work for you and get access to the stocks they rate
  • Smart Score Stocks – Research stocks, using our data-driven scoring system
  • Daily Analyst Ratings – Recommendations and forecasts from over 8000 analysts on a daily basis
  • Research stocks with stock Screener – Simply search for stocks based on your preferences with our simplified screener
  • Insiders’ Hot Stocks and Trending Stocks – simplified stock screener useful for tracking insider trades for discovering the best-rated stocks by analysts from the last 72 hours
  • Stock Analysis – based on the TipRanks Smart Score derived from 8 unique data sets including analyst forecasts, crowd wisdom, hedge fund trades, stock news sentiment, and multiple technical stock indicators.

Analyze Anywhere. Anytime.
Discover a new stock market research experience with the TipRanks app.

TipRanks Stock Market Analysis
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