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Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps
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Trucker Path: Truck GPS & MapsTrucker Path: Truck GPS & MapsTrucker Path: Truck GPS & MapsTrucker Path: Truck GPS & MapsTrucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps

Trucker Path:

Truck GPS Truck Stops Weigh Stations is a dedicated GPS application for trucks developed by Trucker Path and published on Google Play. GPS is among the most popular software that smartphone users use on a daily basis. If we are a little realistic, today’s world has no meaning without GPS. With the help of this technology, we can not only make routing processes easier, but we will also be able to solve our needs in critical situations such as vehicles being stolen or even finding the location of satellites. If you look at the Android market, you can see various GPS-based routers, and Waze or Google Map can be mentioned at the top of the most popular list. In addition to helping with navigation, these startups also provide us with various other features; But with a simple review, you can understand that many of these features are only applicable when you use a private car for your travels! For example, the parking lots shown on these online maps are only for so-called passenger cars, and if you are one of the drivers of heavy cars, you cannot use this service. On the other hand, trucks cannot go to some roads in many cases; Because the passage of trucks on some highways or roads is completely illegal. However, if you are among the drivers of heavy vehicles, then you should look for a dedicated app. Trucker Path: Truck GPS Truck Stops Weigh Stations app is definitely what you are looking for. This GPS and smart router is specially designed for truck drivers and the information it provides to its users is only for this category of drivers.

Intelligent routing of truck drivers by Trucker Path: Truck GPS Truck Stops Weigh Stations
If you read the above description carefully, we mentioned a special point! Unfortunately, truck drivers cannot cross certain roads in some cases; Because heavy vehicles are prohibited on many accident-prone roads. However, it is sometimes seen that truck drivers have problems when using normal routers! Trucker Path: Truck GPS Truck Stops Weigh Stations software with its exclusive design will allow truck drivers to find the best and shortest routes, so that they can finish their work activities as quickly as possible. The development team of this smart app continuously updates the information and applies any changes to the maps in the shortest possible time.

Update information in real time
The features at the heart of Trucker Path: Truck GPS Truck Stops Weigh Stations are very extensive. Apart from routing, one of the most popular ones is finding dedicated parking lots for heavy vehicles. Of course, sometimes some of these parking lots are not open 24/7 or they don’t have enough capacity to store your truck! This issue has created conditions for the information of this software to be user-oriented in a special way. Not only the development team and the support team have updated the information, but in many cases users and truck drivers will be able to make any changes in the locations displayed on the map by sending a request.

Showing the location of load weight measurement
In some cases, trucks need to go to certain places continuously and after traveling certain distances and calculate the weight of their load. Like the example we mentioned in the previous explanation, these stations may be closed or not ready to accept trucks. Dear ones, you will be able to identify the best and quietest load measurement stations with the help of Trucker Path: Truck GPS Truck Stops Weigh Stations software and solve your needs quickly.

Some features and capabilities of Trucker Path: Truck GPS Truck Stops Weigh Stations Android program:

Dedicated routing for trucks and heavy machines
Helping to access information on weather conditions of different regions
Find the quietest gas stations around you
Providing complete information about parking lots for heavy vehicles
Find the best restaurants to relax during the drive
Displaying a list of truck weight measurement stations
A great option to find job offers! (Active in the United States)
Updating information in real time
A specialized forum to connect with other truck drivers around the world
Determining the road map along with specifying specific times for rest or refueling

Trucker Path is the #1 truck navigation (Truck GPS) trusted by millions of CDL truck drivers. We focus on building maps for Truck Drivers, providing best-in-class trucker tools for truck navigation(Truck GPS), and finding truck stops, truck parking, weigh stations, CAT scales.

We have Pilot Flying J, Love’s Travel Center, Petro TA, Blue Beacon, Roady’s, KwikTrip, Weigh Stations, CAT Scales, Diesel Fuel Prices, Rest Area, Truck Parking, Truck GPS, Truck Navigation, all in our Truck Maps.


  • Truck Maps with Truckstops and Truck Parking spots: Pilot Flying J, Loves, TA Truck, Travel Plazas, AM Best, CAT scale, free parking
  • Truck Maps containing thousands of independent truck stops, Rest Areas, Walmart,
  • Weather and live road traffic conditions


  • Plan multi-day trips with our Trucking GPS(or RV GPS) free to download
  • This Trucking GPS is better and faster compared to traditional Garmin GPS or Rand McNally GPS



  • See which weigh stations are OPEN or CLOSED
  • Trucker map with real-time updates like CB radio
  • Truck Parking is updated as FULL, SOME, EMPTY by thousands of truckers every hour


“Don’t often take time to write reviews of apps, but this one is so deserving in my line of work as a “trucker”. Some things are just plain good and exceed expectations and this is one of those things.” – Thomas W

Our users say Trucker Path is better for truckers compared to Garmin GPS, Randy McNally GPS, DAT, or Trucker Tools. Best of all, we’re FREE to download!

All your trucker tools (trucker map) in one free app. Join the largest community in America for truckers and keeptruckin with Trucker Path as your copilot over the road. Like CB radio, but bigger and better!

Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps
Download Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps for android

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