Umagic AI MOD APK 1.4.1 (pro)

Umagic AI - AI Art Generator
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Umagic AI - AI Art GeneratorUmagic AI - AI Art GeneratorUmagic AI - AI Art GeneratorUmagic AI - AI Art Generator

Create your fantasy world with 🔥 Umagic — powerful AI art generator

All at simple touch: you can input anything in ANY LANGUAGE – such as “Dragon in space suit”, “Neon butterfly”, or just upload an image, pick from 30+ styles (anime, Dali, cyberpunk, etc.), then hit “generate” to see your incredible AI art!

Imagine creating your fantasy artwork for posters, banners, thumbnails for YouTube video, or covers for your ig story…. All you need is an idea, and with the power of our AI art generator, becoming a great artist within a few seconds has never been easier!

Key Features Umagic AI MOD APK

Turn text into art

Shocked by the fantasy scenes in sci-fi movies? Now you can create one based on your own imagination!

Umagic allows you to text anything: words, phrases, lyrics, Shakespeare’s sonnet, lines from your favorite movie …

Remix your image

Tired of typing? Then try images!

Whether it’s your family photo, Da Vinci’s paintings, or anything else…our AI generator will create fantasy artwork based on your original image – and of course add some extra prompts to make your creation perfect!

By changing the influence value, you are free to travel between the real world and a more fantasy one!

Explore multiple styles

With Umagic’s AI art generator, you can explore every art style: impressionism, modernism, sur-realistic, anime, etc.

Not satisfied? Don’t worry and just change styles, and re-generate your AI art to make it closer to your imagination.

Cool arts you can create

Imagine yourself sketched in black and white, or your lovely golden retriever fighting Godzilla on a spaceship!

Feel free to use your AI art anywhere! Lock screen for your phone, marketing posters, or unique avatars on profile. You can even make postcards and send them to your family at Christmas

Share your Imagination

Get ready to see how your friends and followers smash the like button, and yell for more masterpiece? Do share your stunning AI art with everyone on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Telegram, Twitter, and anywhere!

Become an AI artist now:

No more art lessons, no need for any skills, Umagic helps you become a brilliant artist. You can create wonderful paintings like Monet, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, without any brushes or canvas.

Text whatever you like, try whatever style you want, now with Umagic AI, start creating your own AI generated masterpieces!

Your suggestion matters
Umagic AI values your EVERY IDEA! If there is any feature you’d like to see in future, do contact us:

Umagic AI - AI Art Generator
Download Umagic AI - AI Art Generator for android

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