Uninstaller MOD APK 2.03 (Sap)

Uninstaller MOD APK 2.03 (Sap)

NOTE: This app cannot uninstall system apps

Free and easy to use Uninstaller for Android.
Manage your apps and save memory space on your phone or tablet.
You can delete multiple applications in one go and see more details about each of them.
It’s a good habit (from time to time) to delete unused apps that occupy storage and consume other resources (battery and RAM memory).

Uninstaller Features:

  • Uninstall apps easily by single click
  • Support for remove apps individually or batch uninstall (long press support)
  • Display application info: name, version, installation time and size
  • Searching apps (also by voice search)
  • Sorting by name, size and installation date (ascending and descending)
  • Status bar (in notification area) for quick access, which can be switched off in settings
  • Option menu with context actions for each app
  • Details of the applications
  • Search your apps in Google Play
  • Create application shortcuts on your home screen
  • Information about available memory space
  • Usable and user-friendly interface
  • Note: system apps can not be uninstalled using this app

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