UpsideDown Ghost Hunting Tools 1.10 (Paid)

UpsideDown Ghost Hunting Tools
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UpsideDown Ghost Hunting ToolsUpsideDown Ghost Hunting ToolsUpsideDown Ghost Hunting ToolsUpsideDown Ghost Hunting Tools

Ghost Comm:

The Ghost Comm was designed to communicate audible responses to questions being asked during an experiment. The application is pre-loaded with 3000 of the most commonly used, conversational English words which are not specifically related to the paranormal. We have also added 500 conversational Afrikaans words to the database as a nod to our heritage – this will be the first time Afrikaans is used in the design of an application for ghost hunting.

The words or answers are programmed to be selected at random and at random intervals of 5, 10, and 15 seconds. Each session can be reset when required and lists can be saved for later review.

Statistically, we estimate that there is a 0.0003% chance of receiving intelligent conversation and even less if this is received consecutively. We have debated the science behind how exactly relevant communication is received and we can honestly not come to a solid conclusion.


The Spookcam uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to identify points of the human anatomy and map this out. The AI technology requires four or more points before creating a visualization in the form of the iconic green stick figure.

Once the points are identified, these are matched based on an estimation derived from the human form. Accuracy is dependent on the mode selected which increases the depth or confidence score in which the matches are made. The Spookcam can be used in motion but we do suggest the Spookcam be placed in a stationary position at the highest accuracy for the best results.

Please note – the highest settings will require more from your phone.

Entity Sense:

The Crypti-Sense uses the IR motion sensor built-in to your phone to detect motion. This sensor is commonly used to turn your screen off as it is brought close to your face during a phone call. This IR sensor is usually situated on the front of your phone above the screen and has an estimated linear range of approximately 150mm (6 inches) in which it can detect movement. We do strongly recommend that you test the range on your device as this may differ from phone to phone.

The Crypti-Sense identifies movement and alerts the user via the screen and by playing music. The duration of the alert continues for as long as the movement is in front of the sensor – therefore, the movement identified is in real-time.

We have designed the Entity Sense to allow for two separate uses:

Singularly it can be used as a conventional music box.
When opened on two separate phones with one operating in green on one in red it will create a yes/no prism.

The EVP-T functions as a normal recorder. Once the EVP is captured, this can be played back and the recording will be converted to text.

The EVP-T must be used in the same manner a conventional recorder would be used during an EVP session. Once the recording is stopped, this is saved to your device and listed on the interface. The recording can be selected for playback, which will convert the speech into text. It is imperative that silence is continued throughout the listening process to ensure the audio is heard correctly. The longer the recording, the more time required for the audio to be converted to text.

The EVP-T was specifically designed for EVP burst sessions, and we recommend that it be used alongside another recording device.


The Magmeter is a device built into your phone and is commonly used to identify your location on Earth. The meter is built to measure magnetic fields as well as magnetic anomalies on an X, Y, and Z axis.

Magnetic anomalies for the purpose of paranormal investigations can be described as EMF. The measurements of magnetism are not separated and displayed as a combined reading.

The MagMeter has been designed to show 3 different readings:

Main Meter – Combination of all magnetic readings.

Holding the phone in the upright position:

X-axis – Left and Right.
Y-axis – Up and Down.
Z-axis – Front (screen) and Back.

UpsideDown Ghost Hunting Tools
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