Video to MP3 Convert & Cutter 1.3.1 (VIP)

Video to MP3 Convert & Cutter
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Video to MP3 Convert & CutterVideo to MP3 Convert & CutterVideo to MP3 Convert & CutterVideo to MP3 Convert & Cutter

As a professional audio editor, Video to MP3 Convert is a free and multi-functional audio editing app. It realizes one-stop audio, music and recordings editing. Using it, you can cut and adjust the uploaded audio files in various formats at will. Moreover it can help you customize phone ringtones, message notification sound, alarm clocks, etc. for yourself or your relatives and friends. It is your handheld recording assistant, you can turn on the recording button at any time to start high-definition sound recording for meetings, courses, conversations, etc.

Video to Audio/MP3 Convert

  • After importing the video, you can export the audio format file with one click. It supports exporting up to 320 kb/s;
  • Batch operation, up to 15 video clips can be converted to audio at one time;
  • Support almost all formats, including mp4, 3gp, m4v, mp3, flac, aac, wav, m4a, wma, ogg, amr, ac3, etc.;

Sound, Music and Audio Editor

  • Trimming audio: Supports millisecond-level audio detail trimming, perfectly optimizes clips, and achieves high-quality, seamless and smooth output audio.
  • Audio cutting: select the desired segment for cutting and extraction;
  • Audio merging: Helps merging multiple clips, and can also stitch the cut audio clips;
  • Audio variable speed adjustment: select the desired frequency band to adjust the acceleration and deceleration, support 0.1x-2x audio speed adjustment;
  • Supports batch processing of audio and music, freeing hands and improving efficiency;

Master Audio Recording

  • High-definition recording quality, easy to identify and eliminate noisy ambient sounds;
  • Intelligently adjust the pitch, and the distance of the microphone can also be overcome;

Fabulous Voice Changer

  • Edit imported audio, as well as instant recording clips;
  • Adjust the volume or frequency to control the audio output form;
  • Convenient music editing, support for song detail editing, and provide fade-in and fade-out effects;

Customize Ringtones

  • Set phone ringtone with one click;
  • Customizable as alarm ringtone;
  • Phone notification sound settings;
  • Provides free online music library for you to set ringtone;

One Place for Audios Storage

  • Audio can be categorized, renamed and stored in folders;
  • Add tags to audio clips for easy recording and searching;
  • Support local saving, and also provide high-quality clip merging and exporting;
  • Open and close the microphone permission at any time by your needs to protect your privacy;

With this great MP3 video converter, you can convert mp4 to mp3, video to audio, and save as music. It’s an easy-to-use MP3 converter and video converter.

Video to MP3 Convert & Cutter
Download Video to MP3 Convert & Cutter for android

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