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VisionUp Eye Exercises 3.1.14 Gold

VisionUp Eye Exercises
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VisionUp Eye ExercisesVisionUp Eye ExercisesVisionUp Eye ExercisesVisionUp Eye Exercises

Your eyes can feel moist, relaxed and bright with just 10 minute regular eye exercises a day.
VisionUp eye yoga exercises are designed to improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles that control the movement of the eyes. These exercises can help improve eye coordination, eye tracking, and eye focusing and improve vision. Eye exercising is useful for those who experience eye strain or other vision problems such as dry eye, red eye, eye itching or burning, blurred vision as well as discomfort or pain in the eyes

Tailored for those working-from-home, gaming fans, students and lecturers, phone addicts, VisionUp offers the largest library of eye exercises and training plans. Download VisionUp and train your eyes in the app to:

  • Keep your eyes lubricated
  • Reduce dryness and discomfort
  • Get rid of eye fatigue
  • Relieve eye stress
  • Preserve healthy eyes
  • Reduce headaches and increase productivity
  • Improve eye focus speed
  • Fight double vision

VisionUp eye training app accompanies eye exercises with breathing to create synergy. Improve your vision while having fun. Give your eyes 10 minutes a day, and see better for the rest of your life. You get an all-in-one eye care package. And it’s FREE to start. You can also subscribe and unlock the full potential of the VisionUp app:

  • Unlimited access to all plans & Exercises
  • Favorites & tailored exercises
  • Unlimited hearts
  • No Ads
VisionUp Eye Exercises
Download VisionUp Eye Exercises for android

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