Voice Changer & Voice Editor – 20+ Effects 1.17.1 (Premium)

Voice Changer, Auto tuner
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Voice Changer, Auto tunerVoice Changer, Auto tunerVoice Changer, Auto tuner

Various tools are one of the reasons for the high popularity of the Android operating system among smart device users. These various tools allow you to easily meet your needs at any moment and make any changes in your files. A huge part of the files in the memory of Android phones are prepared and recorded sounds that sometimes we need to change them and get an output file that suits our needs. Among all the sound editing tools, some of them work in a special way and provide conditions to entertain us for hours! Voice Changer, Auto Tuner is the title of a voice change and editing application developed by Voice Changer – PMA and published on Google Play. This wonderful software helps users to make great changes in the sounds by applying effects by providing users access to a set of various facilities and capabilities. As it is clear from the title of the post, more than 20 different effects are at your disposal, each of which changes the sounds in some way. Among these effects, we can mention female voice, male voice, animal voice, robot voice, etc. After selecting the desired audio file and your desired effect, several other options are available to personalize the effects. Change the audio playback speed or apply effects only on certain parts of audio files. Another feature of this startup is the ability to reverse or in other words reverse the audio playback, which is attractive and exciting in its own way. The quality of the output files is very high and it will impress you in a special way.

Some features and capabilities of Voice Voice Changer, Auto tuner Android program:

Ability to make changes to audio files
More than 20 different effects to increase the attractiveness of your files
Change the playback speed according to your needs
Option to reverse the played audio
Ability to apply effects only on certain parts of audio files
Add echoes to sounds
Very high quality output files
Simple and easy user interface

Voice Processing – Voice changer allows you to add various audio effects to it. A very useful voice changer app that can be used for entertainment and work.

What can our voice editor do? – change your voice! Voice processing is available in various variations. For example, change the voice to male or change the voice to female; change voice speed; add bass to the sound or, conversely, make the voice high. The program “voice changer” allows you to add an audio effect: change the voice to a child; make the voice beastly, for example, a chipmunk; or use a helium balloon sound effect; change voice tone, song editor and voice enhancement.

A convenient and useful function is voice reverb, which allows you to make the sound more rich and spacious, as if a good autotune of the voice was done. Reverb creates voice effects in professional sound recording.

Main functions and effects of voice changer:

  • voice recording and processing;
  • changing the speed of sound, and range – from low (bass) to high;
  • increasing the volume, tempo and adding echo, reverberation;
  • adding sound effects (voice of a child, animal, old man, noise of rain, wind, etc.);
  • change of voice (you can change the voice of a woman to a man and a man to a woman).

Where can a voice changer come in handy?

  • for your own entertainment. If you like to sing and apply whimsical effects to your voice;
  • to congratulate friends, relatives and change the voices of colleagues. For example, congratulate with a child’s voice;
  • for fun. Change the director’s voice to female and share this recording with friends and colleagues;
  • for performances at matinees, skits. Any effect can be applied to any recording;
  • voice changer for presentations and reports;
  • voice changer for phone ringtone, alarm ringtone, sms notifications. Record sound for your phone yourself and change your voice with various effects.

In general, the application can be used wherever you need voice processing and giving it any effects.
The use of the application is very simple and convenient, all functions are immediately displayed on the screen. Moreover, you can change both a third-party audio file and make a voice recording directly in the application.
Change voice, with effects to save the resulting recording in high quality. Then this record can be shared with friends on any social networks.
If you want to change voices, add fancy effects to them, then feel free to download the application, especially since it is free.

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