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Vythm JR - Music Visualizer VJ
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Welcome to Vythm JR.
A collaboration between Marvin Krüger and Jordan Rudess / Wizdom Music.

Sound Visualizer for music tracks

Turn your visions into reality with Vythm! Vythm is a highly customizable music visualization app that allows you to create stunning visual art that synchronizes perfectly with whatever song you’re playing. Employ any of our six modes: Equalizer, Mandala, Shapes, Fluids, Psyhcedelic or Milkdrop, to choose the energy for your creation, and then apply screen effects using the performance bar to make the visualization totally yours. You can even use our sound visualizer to add visual effects to your files and sounds sources.

It’s all Customizable

Vythm gives you the tools to fulfill your creative vision from the ground up. Choose from one of our six diverse modes, each of which offers a variety of visual possibilities , and then run with it. *Equalizer Mode is free. All other modes are available for in-app purchase.

You have full creative control over your visual masterpiece, and can customize every detail including:

  • Over 50 customized backgrounds to choose from
  • A plethora of color selections
  • Screen effects (color correction, bloom, chromatic aberration and many more)
  • Size, rotation, and orientation
  • And much more!

Input options

Choose your music inspiration from any of the following sources:

  • Any mp3 or ogg files
  • Your device’s microphone (you can also adjust sensitivity for different use cases)
  • 3 preselected songs


Vythm offers a recording feature that allows you to share or save your creation. Re-enter your immersive visual world whenever you want, or stun your audience with your masterpiece! *Note that our internal recording feature allows you to capture the visuals, but excludes the UI.

We can’t wait for you to be blown away by Vythm JR

You’ll love Vythm

Are you looking for a music visualizer / maker app which allows you to custom create visual accompaniments to your favorite songs? Do you want a fully immersive music experience, that incorporates sight as well as sound? With our music equalizer and visualization app, you can add lighting, particle effects, and much more in perfect synchrony with the song of your choice. Whether you want to create a lasting art piece to share with others or just enjoy music at a whole new level, this sound visualizer will add visual effects to maximize your creative experience!

Vythm JR is simple and easy to use, with an appealing UI/UX. You can create an immersive and eye catching collection with our multitude of modes and customizable elements. It’s a user-friendly sound visualizer that supports realtime sound analysis and even allows you to export your recordings. You can apply various kinds of lighting and glow music visuals and also use features like our built-in screen effects or beat detection to experience your favorite music like you never have before.


It’s our goal to offer you the best experience possible. If you encounter any problems or have ideas for new features, please feel free to contact us at info@mkgames.org.

If you’re enjoying the App, we would love your feedback and a review! Thanks for using Vythm!

Download and use Vythm JR (Music Visualization 2021 / Audio Visualizer) today!

Vythm JR - Music Visualizer VJ
Download Vythm JR - Music Visualizer VJ for android

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