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War Machines – Tanks Battle Game MOD APK v8.2.1

War Machines:Tanks Battle Game
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War Machines Tanks Battle Game MOD APK is an action game from the studio Fun Games For Free, which has been released on Dlpure for free. Choose your tank and gun and challenge your friends in successive battles and fight with them. Defend your country against enemies and fight against the people of China, USA, Russia, Japan and more. You have to choose your tank from a wide range of tanks according to your strategy and fight in two different team-based modes or free-for-all skirmishes. Use a light tank to quickly explore the enemy’s territory and change your team’s battle, and use your strongest and heaviest tanks to fight the enemy to win. You can also unlock new tanks or customize your tanks.

War Machines: Tank Army Game will be a war game that will give players a lot of new inspiration. If you are an avid gamer of action-war genres, this will be a great game for you. With this game you will enter the battle of giant tanks. Starting with fighting, driving tanks and doing challenges will be great experiences.

Very fun gameplay
Instead of like before, you will participate in fighting games between people. Now when you come to War Machines, you will have the opportunity to experience the battle of tanks. Is it different from previous games? It must be said that it will be a completely new feeling that you have certainly never tried before. Control your tank and engage in intense battles with other players to become the strongest here.

Like many other games, you will be taken to a vast land where you will fight to become the only survivor. The gameplay and controls are also very easy for beginners and not too complicated as the game guides you through everything. First, look at the light in the upper left corner of the screen. You can also identify it as a radar to help you quickly identify the enemy’s position. And there are two main control buttons, the left one is used to control your tank to move, and the right one is used to aim and shoot your target.

Choose different types of tanks for you
This is a game about fighting between tanks, so it will definitely be a must here. But it would be boring if there was only one tank that the game gave you at the beginning, wouldn’t it? Therefore, the game has provided you with a complete collection of many tanks with different models, shapes and colors.

Once you enter the car shop, it is impossible to leave because you will be immersed in the world of countless beautiful tanks. If you’re not a fan of tanks or you were before, you’ll love them more than ever after coming to this game. In addition to buying existing tanks for yourself, you can also decorate your car to make it look better and bring your own style.

Graphics are a special plus
The first thing when entering this game is overwhelmed by the quality of graphics that it brings to the players. It has to be said that publisher Fun Games For Free has been great when it comes to investing in their product, everything from gameplay to graphics. There is almost no doubt about the quality of the graphics as you cannot find a weak spot during the game.

The very realistic and clear image is designed to help players feel like they are participating in a real battle and like to see the tanks in front of their eyes. Not only that, but the sound effects are very realistic as you can clearly hear the tank engine running and the gun firing.

Have you ever imagined that you can drive tanks yourself to fight in the battlefield? If it were real, it would be hard for the world to be at peace, but War Machines can help you simulate that feeling. From the great feeling of driving a tank to the extreme emotions when we can shoot big cannons and destroy our opponents. Everything is ready for you to experience inside the game.

Some features of War Machines: Tanks Battle Game MOD APK for Android :

  • Battle against people from China, USA, Russia, Japan and more
  • Unlock new tanks and
  • Choose from a wide variety of different tanks according to your strategy
  • Customize your tank with decals and patterns
  • The presence of two different combat modes such as team-based or free-for-all conflicts
  • Explore different battlefields
  • Fight and shoot your enemies in different battlefields of World War II
War Machines:Tanks Battle Game
Download War Machines:Tanks Battle Game for android

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