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Weather ACE v1.11.2 (AdFree)

Weather ACE receive weather data from several sources, automatically select the best weather source (based on calculated accuracy of available sources) and it also allows you to compare available weather forecasts from all available weather sources.

Feature list:

  • Up to 16 days of daily weather forecast, up to 10 days for hourly (per hour or per 3 hours).
  • The application could work to 10 days completely offline, with all the information on all widgets, views, notifications and weather alerts, based on saved hourly weather.
  • Accurate weather forecasting by using generated forecast accuracy statistics.
  • Phone and tablet optimized.
  • Localizations for English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic and Simplified Chinese.
  • Provides information about of temperature, feels like, precipitation, wind, dew point, barometer, humidity, cloud cover and lot of other information including data from environmental sensors from your device.
  • Contains multiple views for weather information, daily, hourly and extended weather information. Possibility to compare weather information from different weather data sources.
  • Space weather information. Geomagnetic Kp-index with forecast on several days and NOAA space scales.
  • Different customizable weather charts.
  • Detailed and customizable weather alerts and weather notifications.
  • Home screen widgets, different widgets. Common widget (resizable), stack widget (stack widget required android 3.0+) and transparent 2×2 (resizable vertically) widget with lot of customization options. 2×2 transparent widget have widget constructor, that you can use for to create your our widget look from predefined content blocks.
  • Multiple locations supported (millions). Auto-Follow location (GPS).
  • Sun (sunrise, sunset, day length and more) and Moon (moon phases, current illumination and more) information. Most precise algorithms used for calculations.
  • Lot of options for customization (most of colors, fonts, icon themes, units of measure etc). All three feels-like types of temperatures supported. Color customization for widgets.
  • Possibility to use any image as application background. Also possible to use you home screen live wallpapers as application background.
  • Detailed data update options.
  • Application use as low as possible your phone/tablet battery.
  • Internal application help
  • Tasker support via Weather ACE API
  • Ready to use for peoples who have impaired vision

The free application include AdMob advertisements with blocked most of sensitive ads. You can remove ads for a small fee.

Weather forecasts usually made by using of weather forecasts models. Different weather forecast sources use different forecasts models. For to let you know which weather source is better for your location (or any world wide place), application gather forecast statistics by comparing current weather with that was predicted. Check internal application help for more details. All application widgets and views provides best (by statistics) data.
The application currently use two world-wide and one USA-only weather sources of data + 2 more sources that required a free keys (will be more in next versions).

Weather ACE application homepage still in construction.

Category: Weather
Sep 28, 2013
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May 22, 2022
4.0 and up
Latest Version: 1.12.18
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4.2 2760 total



Hotfix 1.12.18 (19.12.2018)
· At least 4 users experience frequent crashes after last update (build 1.12.17). The hotfix should help with the problem. The crashes was related with custom background image.
In case you still experience frequent crashes - please contact to me by mail [email protected]
Please make sure that you have internet connection. It possible that you will need to refresh weather data after update.

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