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Zombie Castaways
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Zombie Castaways MOD APK is a simulation game from VIZOR INTERACTIVE game studio, which is published on Dlpure for free. A kind zombie falls in love with a girl and searches for a zombie to turn into a human. You have to help him to develop the island and solve his problem. Cultivate and grow unusual plants, fruits, and flowers to create zambiums. Build the famous buildings of the world and complete each stage to progress the island so that the zombie can become a human and reach his goal. Join 70 million users worldwide and play Zombie Castaways available in 15 languages.

Zombie Castaways is a game where players join a zombie character to explore different locations covered by clouds. The number of places he has to pass through is quite diverse and there are conditions you have to meet in order to access it. At the same time, you will spend time learning about an island and the stories surrounding this character. The game will surely bring a new look to the zombies with that experience.

Travel to a new area
The story players learn in Zombie Castaways involves a mysterious zombie appearing on a cloud island. The characteristic of this character is that it is not as aggressive as other zombies in horror games, but it is quite friendly. At the same time, the character looks like an ordinary person and can easily communicate with the elements around him. So you will discover what is on the island with this zombie character.

The player can touch any position so that the character can go and have a completely comprehensive view similar to farming games. You can swipe to move to different areas because the island you are going to is vast and covered by a layer of clouds. At the same time, this layer of clouds can disappear by achieving a certain achievement in the game, and it will be a long journey that you will continue to explore, and of course there will always be instructions for you.

Unlock new areas on the island
When you start Zombie Castaways, you can tap a tree or rock and spend materials to destroy them. Of course, these materials appear under their respective tool icons and all have limitations that you should be aware of when using them. Every time you destroy an object, you will get the corresponding number of items and will be a resource to increase your level.

In addition to things to destroy, you will also find many plants to collect and use their products again. Leveling up helps you unlock new items and one of them is that you can access an area similar to where you live. At the same time, no one lives there, so you can fully use it as a farming place, and you also need to improve the squares before planting.

Go to new islands with the necessary conditions
If you feel that the environment of Zombie Castaways is quite large and you don’t know what to do, you can use the Quest Board to do it. It asks you to do a certain task and if you complete it, you can get the corresponding rewards. Therefore, it can be seen as a way for you to access some game mechanics and immediately after that, you can continue the journey of discovery as you wish. In addition, you need to complete old missions to unlock new missions on the island.

The thing that you can notice while playing this game is that the game world is quite diverse with different places. When you start the game, there are only a few available areas that you can access and they are completely covered by clouds. Locked sites need a catapult to help you get to Crazy Island. At the same time, in addition to essential tools, you can also use bombs to destroy certain objects in a certain area.

Key Features
Explore the fascinating world of zombies! Zombies has it all: a tour to the island of toys, a trip through the crazy city of humans, a space trip to an asteroid, and the thrill of a safari island.
Build your own zombie farms and factories or choose from world famous sites like the Eiffel Tower, the Sphinx of Egypt, the Louvre and more!
Reclaim a massive pirate island and make a career as a zombie pirate, complete with a noisy pub, sea wolf contracts and long voyages!
Start your own zombie farm and grow the weirdest vegetables, fruits and flowers you can find – harvest the farm’s first harvests of bone berries, pumpkins, eyeball peas and more!
Follow the fascinating story of the main character: can a zombie become a human for the love of his life?
Meet Amy (Major Spoiler: Zombie’s Future Fiancé), Z.Chief (a local celebrity), Diana Jones (Zombie’s BFF), zombie woodcutters and stone crushers, treasure hunters and chefs, and charming zombie farm workers and new friends Be!


Some features of Zombie Castaways MOD APK Android game :

  • Collect a group of friendly zombies
  • Explore the island of zombies
  • Growing plants and building famous buildings
  • Discover great islands
  • Search and find treasures
  • Help the zombie to reach his love
  • Great graphics with exciting sound
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Zombie Castaways
Download Zombie Castaways for android

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