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A4ScanDoc v2.0.9.0 (Multilingual – Full Version)

A4ScanDoc v2.0.9.0 (Multilingual – Full Version)
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A4ScanDoc v2.0.9.0 (Multilingual – Full Version)A4ScanDoc v2.0.9.0 (Multilingual – Full Version)A4ScanDoc v2.0.9.0 (Multilingual – Full Version)

A4ScanDoc is a powerful scanner software for PC and is a simple tool with a classic user interface with special features for scanning multiple documents. The software has a user-friendly interface and allows you to scan documents and save in popular image formats such as BMP, TIFF, JPG and PNG and PDF. This tool has a high speed for scanning and is compatible with most common scanners on the market. Download VueScan Pro is another powerful computer scanner.


A4ScanDoc software capabilities

  • Ability to save documents in TIFF, BMP, JPEG, PNG formats
  • User-friendly interface for scanning settings
  • Ability to scan profiles and save profiles
  • ADF support and duplex scanning
  • Support for PDF scanning

The Soft is a scanning software It is easy to use and yet powerful tool for scanning.

RiDoc is a scanning tool that scans your documents and reduces their size without decreasing the image quality.

Get this easy-to-use tool right away and use RiDoc to improve the quality of your scans and the comfort of working with your scanner.

There is nothing difficult about scanning a document – just use a scanner and any available software.

That’s what you do when you need to scan a document or two. However, when it comes to scanning lots of documents on a regular basis, you definitely won’t do without RiDoc.

Other useful features of this software include support for scanners with ADF (automatic paper feeding) and duplex scanning, the ability to smooth scanned skewed documents (Deskew) automatically, user-friendly interface, ultra high speed scanning Support for older scanners and… noted. In A4ScanDoc you can select the settings for scanning documents only once and then save them, next time you just need to select the saved settings from your profile and perform the scanning operation.

A4ScanDoc Features:

Supports image formats
– scan to TIFF, BMP, JPEG, PNG

Scan settings
– user-friendly interface for scan settings

Scan profiles
– just set up once an option scan documents and save the profile. The next time it will be enough just to open it.

Stream scanning
– support the ADF and duplex scanning. Automatic Deskew function

Scan to PDF
– support scan to PDF.

A4ScanDoc v2.0.9.0 (Multilingual – Full Version)
Download A4ScanDoc v2.0.9.0 (Multilingual – Full Version) for android

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