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Algorius Net Viewer v11.4 (Multilingual)

Algorius Net Viewer v11.4 (Multilingual)
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Algorius Net Viewer v11.4 (Multilingual)Algorius Net Viewer v11.4 (Multilingual)Algorius Net Viewer v11.4 (Multilingual)

Algorius Net Viewer is the name of a new and applied software in the field of illustration, management and monitoring of computer networks at various levels. It does not matter at what scale you set up your computer network and how many computer systems you have in your subdivision; Because using this program, you have the opportunity to manage the network with great accuracy and detail and enjoy its many benefits in various fields. This program can depict the types of equipment used in your computer network in a beautiful and user-friendly space so that you have a comprehensive view of all its components.

The Soft is a scalable network monitoring solution ready to meet the requirements of small, network and large network administrators. It comes with advanced structure visualization and monitoring capabilities, allowing the efficient management of resources and fast troubleshooting of workstations and servers.


How Algorius Net Viewer helps system administrators?


The Soft is your guide to the computer network! Have the network infrastructure displayed conveniently, and navigate it easily.


The Soft is your computer network control panel! Be in command of the computers and network devices without having to leave your working place.


Soft — is a control of services, servers, and other network devices. Get their current statuses via SNMP, WMI, and other protocols.


Soft — is a system for information collection and record keeping. Be aware of up-to-date information on the use of the equipment and software.


Algorius Net Viewer — is a notification by Telegram, Skype, SMS, etc. Stay informed about any unforeseen errors and potential problems of network devices.


Algorius Net Viewer — is a generator of reports, logs, diagrams. Have objective information to analyze the work of the network infrastructure.

Web interface

The Soft is a web server. Have access to the network maps, real-time monitoring, logs, reports, and charts from anywhere in the world.


The Soft — is a possibility to monitor more than 100,000 devices from each instance. Develop your network, and the program will cope with it.

Algorius Net Viewer v11.4 (Multilingual)
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