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EMCO UnLock IT v6.1.1 Build 1406

EMCO UnLock IT v6.1.1 Build 1406
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EMCO UnLock IT v6.1.1 Build 1406EMCO UnLock IT v6.1.1 Build 1406EMCO UnLock IT v6.1.1 Build 1406

EMCO UnLock IT is a useful program for opening and accessing files and folders that will be blocked by special software or Windows and system activities. This feature helps you to delete files, rename and make changes and edit files and folders that are declared access denied by Windows. This software helps the user to identify and review the sources that cause the error and fix them in 3 ways.

Are you struggling with the Windows message that access to resource is denied, or it’s in use by another program when you try to modify, rename, move or delete a file or folder? In most cases this message means that a file or folder is locked, but it’s not really clear what to do without an assistance. EMCO UnLock IT can provide you with such assistance and help you to unlock file or folder.

UnLock IT is an intuitive application that will offer users the possibility to unlock the files or folders that have been locked by external programs or system processes.It can help you every time when you get an Access Denied error while trying to change, rename or delete files or folders, because they are locked.

UnLock IT allows you to detect processes that lock a resource and unlock it by closing file and library handles to the resource. If the resource cannot be unlocked by these methods, you will be prompted to kill the processes that hold locks.

The application can terminate not only regular applications and system processes but also viruses, trojans and other spyware processes that have a special protection from termination.

EMCO UnLock IT integrates into Windows Explorer, so you can launch it by selecting a corresponding item from the context menu for any resource. It gives you a one-click access to checking any resource for locks and unlocking it if required.


Force Closing File Handles:
The application allows to unlock a file by closing file handles to this file. This unlocking approach can be used to release a lock for files that are opened for modification. This approach is safe to use in most cases, because it doesn’t require termination of a process that hold a lock.

Force Closing Library Handles:
The application makes possible to unlock DLL file currently using by running processes. In this case opened handles to the DLL are forced to close in order to release locks. This approach also doesn’t require termination of the process that use DLL. In most cases can continue to work successfully.

Termination of Protected Processes:
If file can’t be unlocked by closing file and library handles, the application allows to unlock it by terminating processes that hold locks. Even processes that are protected from termination can be terminated successfully, so approach can be used when you need to remove resources locked by viruses.

Integration with Windows Explorer:
To check a resource for locks and unlock it you have to enter path to the resource in the application. In order to reduce actions required to check and unlock file or folder, you can integrate the application with the Windows Explorer and access its actions from the context menu.

EMCO UnLock IT v6.1.1 Build 1406
Download EMCO UnLock IT v6.1.1 Build 1406 for android

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