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Handicap Manager v7.0.3.0 for Excel

Handicap Manager v7.0.3.0 for Excel
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Handicap Manager v7.0.3.0 for ExcelHandicap Manager v7.0.3.0 for ExcelHandicap Manager v7.0.3.0 for Excel

Handicap Manager for Excel – this is a customizable application written in Visual Basic as an application for Microsoft Excel. Fully compatible with Excel and above and meets all the requirements of the USGA handicap system for calculating the indices USGA handicapping. Can be used to calculate the average score, statistics, leagues handicaps and custom handicaps based on user settings. User-friendly interface and easy “point and click” make it easy to work with the program even perfect for beginners. It does not matter Whether you USGA Handicap Indexes for all members of the club or just tracking your own glasses, Handicap Manager for Excel provides a simple solution. Includes a separate calculator calculate the course handicap for Palm OS.

While the handicap index is a numerical measure used in golf to indicate the golf player’s potential for scoring, it is also a system to determine where the gameplay needs more improvement. Regardless of whether you are preparing for a tournament or simply want to improve your game to impress a business partner, one of the elements you cannot do without is a tool to help you track your performance.
Handicap Manager for Excel is a comprehensive program that allows you to seamlessly keep track of all handicap indexes for the golf courses you are playing on a regular basis.

Includes an intuitive and easily navigable interface

Since it is written and can be opened with Microsoft Excel, it goes without saying that the application comes with an appealing ribbon GUI that is as sleek as it is easy to browse. It is important to note that the utility includes a member and an administrator mode, the latter featuring more report sheets where you can input values effortlessly.
The app includes simple menus that organized similarly to Excel’s spreadsheets, so getting around the tool should not pose any issues to all levels of users. Then again, the sheets are protected and adding new information entails accessing the dedicated functions.

Helps you track a plethora of golf-related statistics

The strong point of the program stems from its overall simplicity and ease of use. More exactly, adding any sort of information is a straightforward process and implies adding a name, ID, contact details (if you include stats for other players) as well as various ratings. Once you input your scores for each course played, you can calculate your handicap with a simple click of a button.
Then again, while it may be fun to work with for a casual tournament at your local golf club, inputting such a big amount of information for larger events can be time-consuming and tedious. Therefore, it would be nice if the program would include an import function that works with various list specific file formats.

A great app for computing scores and handicap indexes

All in all, Handicap Manager for Excel is an intuitive tool that can provide you with the flexible environment where you can keep track of your golf scores, courses played and how much progress you made to overcome your handicap.

Handicap Manager v7.0.3.0 for Excel
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