MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro Suite v15.0.0.57 (Crack)

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MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro Suite v15.0.0.57 (Crack)

For over 25 years, MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro has set the benchmark for recording, editing and processing audio. The latest version raises that benchmark yet again, offering an improved user experience, with more efficiency, stability and speed for ultimate audio production. The enhanced 64-bit audio engine carries out all tasks – from recording and editing to restoration and mastering – with incredible precision.


Crystal clear on multiple channels. Record pristine audio on up to 32 channels simultaneously, at sample rates up to 64-bit/768 kHz. SOUND FORGE Pro 14 is a fully-portable recording studio that you can take with you wherever you go for multichannel recordings of classical concerts, live bands and other challenging projects.

Audio Editing

Total precision. SOUND FORGE Pro 14 provides professional audio processing and sound design at the highest level. From video soundtracks to the final surround sound mix, edit audio with sample-accurate precision. Numerous effect processors and editing tools make SOUND FORGE Pro the ideal application for sound designers.


Professional sound, noise free. With the all-new SOUND FORGE Pro 14, you can deliver technically perfect masters for CD or streaming, all thanks to its advanced signal processing tools and high-end effects based on top-quality DSP algorithms. Restore recordings and remove clicks, pops and other noise with ease.


  • 32-channel file recording, editing and processing
  • 64-bit architecture
  • Customizable interface: 4 color levels, new icon design & docking
  • Upgraded VST engine & ARA2 support
  • Record at 64-bit/768 kHz
  • Numerous audio effects & plug-ins
  • Mastering and restoration with iZotope plug-ins: Ozone 8 Elements & RX 7 Elements
  • New Oscilloscope and a Peak Meter V2 for level measurement
  • zplane élastique Timestretch with new élastiquePro v3 engine

What’s New in MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro 14?

  • Wave Coloring, a new graphical representation mode in the data window that visualises the sonic qualities of an audio file.
  • Instant Action window with shortcuts to frequently used tasks.
  • New Oscilloscope and Spectroscope visualization.
  • Quick converting audio files from Windows Explorer context menu.
  • QuickFX: Professional VST effects with many presets and extremely easy operation using just one fader.
  • Improved VST support with many bug fixes and a faster scan.

  • OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • License Model: Purchase
  • Price: $299 (Free On Dlpure)

• Multi instancing is the default behavior from now
– Faster plug-in scanning
– VST effect renaming fixed
– AM-Pulse categorization in favorites menu fixed
– Improved “Recreate by Plug-in Name”-Function
• Marker/region comment support
– Edit marker comments via Regionlist
– Read/write from/to WAV and FRG metadata
• Wave Coloring
– Performance improvements
– Set number of threads in an internal preference
• Elastique Pro update to version 3.3.2
– Wrong time position returned in efficient mode while using pitch sync fixed
• Channel Converter improvements
– Change sources count dynamically when opened from Batch Converter
– New presets ‘Stereo to Surround’
• Extract dialog fixed
– parameter update and crash prevention when dialog is closed by enter key
• Crash prevention while starting playing or recording when auto update dialog is still open
• MPEG and other Video files saving improved
• Spectroscope visualization range fixed
• More memory leak fixes
• Further localizations
• Fixed a Batch Converter Bug where changes to effect settings sometimes wouldn’t be applied


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