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OfficeStatus v6.5.590.0 (Full Version)

OfficeStatus v6.5.590.0 (Full Version)
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OfficeStatus v6.5.590.0 (Full Version)OfficeStatus v6.5.590.0 (Full Version)OfficeStatus v6.5.590.0 (Full Version)

OfficeStatus, Stop wasting valuable time tracking down employees while that important client waits on the phone. OfficeStatus puts staff location, status, and availability information at the fingertips of your entire organization!. OfficeStatus is an easy-to-use in/out board software system for tracking employee work status, time & attendance, and more. It includes web, mobile and desktop user interfaces – making it accessible from anywhere. Enjoy transparent (everything-included) pricing, easy deployment, great customization options, and market-leading features – all with no monthly maintenance fees.

Scheduled Status Recurrence

Let’s start off with the feature most often requested by our OfficeStatus customer base – support for recurrence in scheduled status changes. With this feature, your end users can schedule status changes to occur on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. And not just user statuses, either – scheduled resource status changes also now support recurrence.

Recurrence support touches many other features throughout OfficeStatus. The status change user interfaces, user and resource status calendars, status watches, and much more. Each of these areas has been enhanced to support new status recurrence capabilities.

And for those of you who don’t want this capability made available to employees, it can easily be disabled. Or, you can disable recurrence support for specific user and/or resource statuses. For example, you can disable recurrence for the “In” status, specifically.

Enhanced Status Board Displays

The ability to display employee and resource status information lies at the heart of what OfficeStatus does. So, it seems fitting that we would make our status board displays more powerful than ever. Here are just some of the enhancements:


  • Enhanced staff collaboration, workflow, and security
  • Easy and fast employee time and attendance tracking
  • Employee location, presence, status & availability – at a glance!
  • Improved customer service and response times
  • “Accessible anywhere” web, mobile, and Windows interfaces
  • Resource tracking for vehicles, rooms, equipment, and more
  • Integrates with phone systems & syncs with MS Exchange calendars
  • Reporting for employee status, arrival times and much more
  • Announce company wide information, status and events
  • Visualize staff availability – employee arrival, location, and more
  • Customize employee tracking to your precise requirements
  • Monitor employee status changes as they occur – in real time
OfficeStatus v6.5.590.0 (Full Version)
Download OfficeStatus v6.5.590.0 (Full Version) for android

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