UltraFTP IDM v21.10.0.1 (Full Version)

UltraFTP IDM v21.10.0.1 (Full Version)
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UltraFTP IDM v21.10.0.1 (Full Version)UltraFTP IDM v21.10.0.1 (Full Version)UltraFTP IDM v21.10.0.1 (Full Version)

UltraFTP is a personal, stand-alone FTP client built upon the framework of other IDM applications like UltraEdit and UltraCompare. Designed with maximum usability and performance in mind, UltraFTP offers full theme support, session support, an explorer interface, drag-and-drop transfers, and more. Even better, UltraFTP integrates with UltraEdit/UEStudio, UltraCompare, and UltraFinder to provide a seamless editing and publishing experience both on local and remote systems. UltraFTP supports FTP, SFTP, and FTPS protocols.


Key Features:

  • Parallel, threaded transfers to optimize upload / download times
  • FTP, SFTP, and FTPS support
  • Tabbed sessions
  • Open multiple simultaneous connections in multiple tabs
  • Save and reload sessions
  • Set session to automatically connect, as well as initial starting directories
  • See connection/transfer status in session tab
  • Split local and remote view
  • Widescreen view mode
  • Remote-only view mode
  • Drag-and-drop transfers
  • Drag-and-drop files from desktop / Windows explorer to FTP server location
  • Drag-and-drop files from remote server to folders on desktop / Windows explorer
  • Drag-and-drop files from one remote server to another
  • Set remote file and folder permissions recursively
  • Copy path / copy URL of selected file or folder
  • “Copy path” allows you to copy the path to the selected file / folder on the server
  • “Copy URL” allows you to copy the HTTP(S) link to the file / folder
  • Define HTTP(S) site and root path (optional) in account settings (Advanced tab)
  • Transfers window
  • Monitor transfer progress
  • Cancel transfers
  • Retry failed transfers
  • Accounts & Sessions window
  • Create, save, and manage multiple accounts and sessions
  • Filter, group, and sort accounts and sessions
  • UltraEdit / UEStudio / UltraCompare / UltraFinder integration
  • Open selected file(s) in UltraEdit or UEStudio
  • Modify and save remote files back to server
  • Compare selected files in UltraCompare
  • Search selected folder with UltraFinder
UltraFTP IDM v21.10.0.1 (Full Version)
Download UltraFTP IDM v21.10.0.1 (Full Version) for android

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