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Viber for Windows v16.4.6.1 (Latest version)

Viber for Windows v16.4.6.1 (Latest version)
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Viber for Windows v16.4.6.1 (Latest version)Viber for Windows v16.4.6.1 (Latest version)Viber for Windows v16.4.6.1 (Latest version)Viber for Windows v16.4.6.1 (Latest version)

Viber Desktop Free Calls & Messages or Viber Windows version of this software that you are familiar with its mobile phone version that allows you to make phone calls with your friends anywhere on the world where Viber is installed on their phone. Or send a free SMS. When using Viber, your phone call to any other Viber user is free and the sound quality is much better than normal (GSM) calls. You can call any Viber user, anywhere in the world and for free. All Viber features are 100% free and do not require any additional “in-app” purchases. The app does not require a username or password and communicates via mobile phone number. All you have to do is dial the phone number of the person who has this software in your phone and talk to him. It should be noted that in order to communicate, this software must always be running on the phone.

Or it can be said that:

Viber is a messaging and calling app for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Viber offers free, high-quality audio and video calls, all protected via a secure, encrypted connection. The Viber app also lets users sync their history and transfer calls between their mobile device and desktop. Build and manage your contacts and groups wherever you want using Viber’s extensive admin control and conversation features.

The conversation you want, wherever you want it

Whether it’s a private phone conversation, a video call, a simple text, or a quick sticker or GIF, Viber offers a one-stop communication app to keep in touch with the people around you. One Viber account lets you hold or store those communications across all your devices – phone, tablet, or computer. Viber’s multi-platform capabilities will keep you connected whether you’re at home or on the go. Other features include:

  • Record and quick-send voice or video messages
  • Chat extensions for sharing video, music, GIFs, and events
  • Delete seen messages to retract accidental statements
  • End-to-end encryption to keep your conversations private

Viber vs WhatsApp

The most popular competition with Viber is WhatsApp, an app which also features messaging and VoIP. Both programs feature synchronized desktop, with WhatsApp available for either Windows or Mac. This is as well, but also includes support for Linux, which is a welcome feather in its cap. By now both apps also offer equally strong HD quality options, provided that users have access to high bandwidth connections.

Of the two competing apps, Viber has more features that are readily available right on its main interface. This added utility comes at a cost, however: Now users must contend with the annoyance of sticker advertisements that the app tries to push. Despite its recent takeover by Facebook (which affected the ‘Status’ interface), WhatsApp remains a cleaner, less cluttered experience than Viber.

Based solely on features, Viber supports as many if not more than WhatsApp. One key factor in deciding to go Viber vs WhatsApp, however, is that the latter still has more users. In a battle of contacts, this is an important distinction. WhatsApp still holds the larger fan base, and as a result, WhatsApp does have more more people to connect with than Viber.

Viber for gaming

Viber offers a series of games designed by third-party developers using Viber Connect, a private API that lets you sign in with your Viber ID to connect with friends and contacts. Once connected, you can exchange in-game gifts and rewards with each other, or simply compare scores for bragging rights. If you’re into mobile gaming, Viber makes a strong case for itself when compared to WhatsApp.

Security and privacy

Any information you share on This is safeguarded by their built-in encryption. This Software cannot read your personal chats (whether they’re one-on-one or in a group), and it also can’t listen in on any video or audio calls. Due to the default end-to-end encryption, This Software also can’t access any of your sent or received messages. Group conferences and direct conversations are only visible to the people involved.

Since Viber has no way to access your private calls or chats to begin with, this also means the company cannot share them for ad targeting. Your information can’t be accessed or sold to 3rd parties or advertisers, so you won’t be targeted by ads related to something you and your friends were discussing via chat. This is a notable perk considering many other social networking apps will not refrain from crossing this line.

A free app for all your communication

This is a great choice for calling, conferencing, or sending free messages to friends who share the mobile app. Its interface may be cluttered, but it remains intuitive for new users, and offers a plethora of features, all protected with Viber’s enhanced security and privacy measures. The app also offers a variety of features and games, but in the end its utility comes down to how many of your contacts are also using Viber.

Messaging is not always free

The caveat with This Software is that in order to keep all your communication free, both the sender and recipient need to have the app installed. Calling or sending SMS texting to a contact that is not on Viber is not free. If your friends and contacts are still insistent on other apps, you can subscribe to Viber Out to make calls to these numbers at a reduced cost.

Viber for Windows v16.4.6.1 (Latest version)
Download Viber for Windows v16.4.6.1 (Latest version) for android

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