Waterfox Classic v2021.08.1 (x64) (Multilingual)

Waterfox Classic v2021.08.1 (x64) (Multilingual)
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Waterfox Classic v2021.08.1 (x64) (Multilingual)Waterfox Classic v2021.08.1 (x64) (Multilingual)Waterfox Classic v2021.08.1 (x64) (Multilingual)

Waterfox is a 64-bit version of Firefox. The soft is modified version of the Firefox source code specifically for machines running 64-bit versions of Windows. Software designed for 64-bit Windows editions can take advantage of faster RAM and the soft processing speeds and greater stability in 64-bit systems. Just converting Mozilla’s source code for 64-bit Windows isn’t enough, The soft takes it to another level with unique tweaks which help it exploit the speed of 64-bit systems. The soft is made with one thing in mind: speed. The Soft offers 100% Firefox Add-on Compatibility and 64-bit Plugin Support.

Simple to Use

Yhe browser was also designed with the user in mind, and it’s really simple and easy to use. First of all, it will offer you all of the same customization options that you would also find in Firefox, although you’ll need to match the requirements inside the requirements to get some of them to your interface.

You can use the built-in private browsing options with the proxy connections inside, as well as a password manager that will help you store your passwords if you forget one. Through Waterfox, you can also enable a higher security level by incorporating passwords, anonymous browsing, and VPN.

There are also cache management tools and offline browsing, which are some additional features that you’ll find here.

Additional Features

It also comes with some nice features overall that can boost your experience.

These include the Debugger, Web Console, and the Style Editor, which will particularly appeal to developers. There’s also the popup blocker and other protection advantages that come with it.


The soft is a popular and great browser to use when you want to have a similar platform to Firefox, but with some additional features that you won’t find in Firefox at all.


  • Compiled in Intel’s C++ Compiler
  • Intel’s Math Library
  • Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
  • Advanced Vector Extensions
  • Jemalloc
  • Profile-Guided Optimisation
  • /O3 Switch
  • 100% Extension Compatibility
  • 64-bit Plugin Support
  • Future Proof!
Waterfox Classic v2021.08.1 (x64) (Multilingual)
Download Waterfox Classic v2021.08.1 (x64) (Multilingual) for android

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