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AnyList MOD APK 1.11 (Premium)

Buying food is an integral part of our lives. Normally, we spend hours of our time every week shopping for cooking different foods. It is necessary to write down the food you need before going shopping for a particular food so that you never get into trouble in the shopping process. Creating lists in the traditional way and writing them on paper is obsolete and nowadays smartphones are more available to us than anything else. For this reason, you can use your phones to create shopping lists. AnyList – Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Manager is a professional and full-featured shopping list application developed by a company with the same name, AnyList, and published on Google Play. As it is clear from the title of the post, the main feature of this startup is its various facilities that allow us to quickly solve any of our needs in this field. Quickly create a list of the food you need and prepare them without any delay. Users can create special categories for different foods for easier shopping so that there is no need to rewrite the grocery list if you need to distribute a specific food. The intelligent automatic list completion system provides conditions so that if you write the beginning of the name of a food item, your list will be automatically completed and that item will be added to your list. Another feature of the above app is the intelligent system for managing cooking orders! In this case, you will be able to create your own recipe for each meal and use it at any time to cook a perfect meal. Sort recipes using different groups and be sure that you will have access to them in the shortest possible time.

Some features and capabilities of the AnyList – Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Manager Android program:

Create a grocery shopping list in the shortest possible time
Crossing out prepared foods to avoid repurchasing them
Automatic completion of shopping lists by the existing intelligent system
Organizing shopping lists in various categories
Create your own notes to the created lists
Creating various categories based on grocery stores
Ability to edit and share your lists with your friends
Built-in reminder system to prevent forgetting to buy food
Create a list of recipes for different dishes
Customize recipes according to your taste
Classification of all recipes in various groups
Share recipes of different dishes with your friends
Create a backup file of all the information in the software

AnyList is the best way to create grocery shopping lists and collect and organize your recipes. Easily share a list with your spouse or roommates, for free. Changes show up instantly on everyone’s device.

“AnyList makes shared grocery lists simple and intuitive.” —Lifehacker

“AnyList sets the standard for grocery shopping list apps.” —AppStorm

“I don’t recommend going to the grocery store without it.” —Today’s iPhone



  • Quickly add and cross off items. Autocomplete suggests common items as you type.
  • Add notes to list items to indicate package size, brand, coupons, etc.
  • Create multiple lists to organize items by store or occasion.
  • Grocery items are automatically separated into categories.
  • Create your own custom categories.
  • Reorder categories to match the layout of your local store.
  • Save items as favorites, then browse your favorites and add them to your current shopping list.
  • View recent items from your past shopping trips, then add them back to your current list.
  • Easily share lists. Just enter the email address of your spouse or roommate and your list is shared. List changes instantly show up on everyone’s device.
  • Lists can be shared with as many people as you’d like.
  • Everyone creates their own AnyList account, so you can share some lists, while keeping others private.
  • Optional push notifications let you know when a shared list has been modified.
  • Sort list items alphabetically or manually.


  • Enter your own recipes, or copy and paste them from an email or other source.
  • Add ingredients from your recipes to your shopping lists with a single tap.
  • Organize recipes into collections by type or occasion. Each recipe can appear in multiple collections.
  • Search your recipes by name or ingredients.
  • Share your recipe collection with a trusted partner. Any changes to recipes will be instantly visible to both of you.


  • Sync all of your lists and recipes across all of your devices. Sign in to your AnyList account on your devices, and any change made on one will instantly sync to the other.
  • All of your lists and recipes are securely backed up in the cloud as part of your AnyList account. If you get a new device, just sign in to your AnyList account to retrieve your data.


All of the features above are available for free.

We also offer an optional in-app purchase called AnyList Complete that unlocks the full power of the app with these great features:

  • AnyList for the Web: Use AnyList on any Mac or PC with a modern web browser.
  • Recipe Web Import. Search for recipes on the web, and import them directly into AnyList. Works with popular recipe websites and blogs.
  • Meal Planning Calendar. Plan your meals with month and list views. Easily add some or all of the ingredients for upcoming recipes to your shopping list.
  • List Item Photos. Add a photo to list items. For shared lists, photos can be viewed by everyone sharing the list.
  • Recipe Photos. Add a photo to your recipes, instead of being limited to icons.
  • List Passcode Lock. Protect your lists from casual snooping with a passcode lock.


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Developer: AnyList
November 29, 2022
Latest Version: 1.10.2
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4.745392 13882 total


AnyList v1.10.2 adds support for showing important notices about AnyList directly within the app.

Thank you for using AnyList and if you have any questions or suggestions for improving the app, please get in touch with us at

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