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Bustime v193 (AdFree)

Public transportation tracking in over 80 russian cities!

This is the official app of the website Bustime.ru. It tracks public transportation through the onboard GPS/GLONASS equipment.

You receive estimated:

  • departure time
  • travel time
  • arrival time


  • Tracking of multiple public transit systems, such as buses, trolley-buses, tramways, shuttles (data availability varies)
  • Easy to use interface with personalization options including: online map, schedules, bus stop search, routes, etc.
  • Create your own or use existing color schemes, edit tile sizes – everything for your convenience and enjoyment!
  • Automatically detect or manually assign favorites for the most frequently used routes.
  • Multitracking of several approaching routes.
  • Special features for impaired public, such as screen enhancement, voice notifications, low-floor/ADA accessibility markers.
  • Open access chat line within each route and rating system for every crew based on public reviews.
  • A thrilling game for those ones who is bored!

Application also features:

  • fast operation
  • small size
  • tablet compatibility
  • friendly and helpful customer service

Website: https://www.bustime.ru
News and updates in instagram: http://instagram.com/bustime.ru

Where is the GPS data coming from? We cooperate with various government and municipal agencies in multiple cities.

How to express your concerns.

Please make sure to mention:


If a certain route has changed but it’s not reflected in the app, please mention:

website where the information is up to date
link to the news media or other source that shows before/after

If your city is not covered
please do not give us a one-star rating
let us know your local public transportation agency name, and we’ll contact them regarding data

If something isn’t right, use the same procedure:

Mention which city, which route, and what the problem is.

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