Graphing Calculator – Algeo | Free Plotting 2.34.1 (Pro Mod)

Graphing Calculator - Algeo
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Graphing Calculator - AlgeoGraphing Calculator - AlgeoGraphing Calculator - AlgeoGraphing Calculator - AlgeoGraphing Calculator - Algeo

Calculators are among the first computer systems that have helped humans in many cases; Today, there are many advanced calculators in the market, most of them have high prices and ordinary people or students are not able to buy them. But as you know, smart devices can become powerful calculators just by installing a multi-megabyte app. Graphing Calculator – Algeo | Free Plotting Pro Unlocked is a scientific calculator developed by Marton Veges and published on Google Play. Just install this software and you will never need to carry physical calculators. Unlike other similar apps available in the Android market, write your long equations and get their exact answer without needing internet access. One of the most important features of this software, which can be considered very useful for students, is the drawing of specific graphs for each equation, which greatly increases their understanding of existing problems. Get the roots of functions without having to do complex calculations and solve physics problems in the shortest possible time.

Some features and capabilities of the Graphing Calculator program – Algeo Android Free Plotting:

Scientific and beautiful calculator with support for various actions
Perform any long math or physics calculations
Not needing any internet access when making calculations
Drawing the graph of each equation and showing the roots of the equations
Support for all types of hyperbolic trigonometric functions
Adjust display of answers based on radians or degrees
Having access to the history of all your calculations at any time
Support for compound functions and scientific symbols

Algeo is the most beautiful scientific graphing calculator available on the Play Store. It’s fast and powerful and you’ll never have to carry around a large physical TI calculator anymore. The intuitive interface shows your drawn functions as you would write them on paper rather than squeezing everything on a single line. And you don’t need an internet connection unlike other graphing calculators, it works offline as well! Useful for calculus, physics or to solve those x+y equations.

Wolfram Alpha users love using Algeo! This free app is packed with more features than a big TI 84 graphing calculator.

Solve your homework with Algeo:

draw functions, find intersections and show a table of values of the functions with an easy to use interface.

As a calculus calculator

  • Symbolic Differentiation
  • Calculate Integrals (definite only)
  • Calculate Taylor-series
  • Solve Equations
  • Draw function
  • Function plotting and finding roots of functions

As a scientific graphing calculator

  • Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
  • Radians and Degree Support
  • Logarithm
  • Result History
  • Variables
  • Scientific Notation
  • Combinatorial functions
  • Solve linear equations (x+y)
  • Do everything what you can do with a ti graphing calculator
  • Number theoretic functions (modulo, greatest common divisor)

As a free graphing calculator

  • Draw up to four functions
  • Analyze function
  • Find roots and intersections automatically
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Share your plots with your classmates
  • Create an infinite table of values for a function

This graphing calculator is the easiest way to analyze a function and integrate and differentiate equations. Useful for math classes in high school or university. Take the Calculus quizzes with confidence knowing that Algeo helps with all mathematical functions. It makes integrating a breeze.

Wolfram Alpha users approve! Algeo is the best scientific calculator for Wolfram Alpha users.

If you need help press the Menu button -> Help or send us an e-mail. We are happy to help with any questions!

To get the latest features faster check out our beta releases:

Graphing Calculator - Algeo
Download Graphing Calculator - Algeo for android

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