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Hopeless 2: Cave Escape MOD APK v1.1.40

Hopeless 2: Cave Escape
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Hopeless 2: Cave Escape MOD APK is the second version of the popular action game Hopeless in the cave from Upopa Games studio for Android. If you remember, we have already introduced the first version of the game here. In the first version of Naamidi game, many places were completely designed in 3D, but in the second version, these two, i.e. pixel and 3D, were mixed together and created a unique gameplay, and also the number of levels in this version is very high. has increased. Like the first version, a bunch of glowing bubbles are trapped in the dark and scared, but they are armed. The dark shadows are moving towards them, so the glowing bubbles must react as quickly as possible. In this beautiful game you have to shoot monsters by tapping on the screen and act fast. Get ready for a very fun and very exciting game. This game uses beautiful and attractive graphics in a dark and scary environment. The excellent shooting system, simple and easy to learn, etc. is one of the prominent features of this game.

Hopeless 2: Cave Escape
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