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Idle Lumber Empire
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Lumber Empire: Idle Tycoon MOD APK is a simulation game from the game studio ADQUANTUM LTD, published on Dlpure for free. Here you start a small sawmill. Manage your small factory and work hard in it and expand your factory and become a big tycoon. Trade lumber and build your own house. Manage the forests and in order to harvest the trees on a regular basis you need to hire arborists so that he can grow your forests and plant more trees. Buy more land so you can plant more trees to make them all green. Train your woodcutters to become skilled workers and be able to efficiently cut trees and bring them to the factory. Buy new machines and upgrade them to produce more wood products. Upgrade the wooden trucks and take good care of all your equipment to keep the factory running continuously. Run marketing campaigns to attract new and more customers and manage your sales and process orders effectively to maximize profits. Use your earnings to level up the factory to earn more.

What will you experience in the game?

If you are a carpentry enthusiast and wish to build the biggest lumber factory in the city, come to this Lumber Empire game and reveal your full abilities. At first, you just worked in a small sawmill. However, after long efforts and learning, you have become the manager of this workshop. Not only that, but with your business mind, you have expanded the scale of the factory and continue to reach your goal of becoming a rich tycoon.

Forest management and exploitation according to government regulations
Coming to Lumber Empire, players must learn how to properly manage the forest. In order to exploit the forest reasonably and adequately, you must care for and necessarily invest in that forest. In addition, after each harvest, you will hire more people to replant the seedlings. Only then will you have the opportunity to earn money and open your wood workshop. In addition, you need to buy more land to plant forests to make wood and meet the needs of daily life. In addition, you need to train and train several woodworkers to become a professional.

Construction line in production process
Lumber Empire brings players to explore the chain production system quickly and easily. In addition, you need to buy more modern equipment and upgrade the workshop machines to make them better. They are best suited for handling and cutting wood. Hundreds of devices with different functions and textures are waiting for you to explore and learn in this game.

Car maintenance and upgrades and customer service carefully
As a talented and intelligent manager, upgraded trucks are the first thing you do to satisfy customers. They are essential in the exploitation and transfer of wood from one warehouse to another. In addition, for customer acquisition, you have set up marketing plans to attract many new customers. Not only that, you always know how to fulfill every order quickly and respond to customer requests with excellence. Thanks to it, whatever you have done, you will receive a significant profit and many attractive bonuses.

Clear, beautiful and impressive graphics
Players will appreciate an incredibly complex and realistic graphics system when participating in Lumber Empire. All the pictures are drawn in detail with many fresh and harmonious colors. In addition, the surrounding scenes are also breathtaking and create a fun and humorous gameplay. The characters of this game are also adorable and reveal their personality. Each character has a unique face that makes it easy for players to recognize and avoid confusion between one and the other. In addition, the music coordination makes this game very lively and fantastic.

Do not forget to invite your friends and relatives to play with you after stressful working hours so that you can enjoy it and have a healthy time. Let’s have fun with many unique and unforgettable challenges!

Know how to properly exploit, manage and use forests.
Buy more forest land to plant trees and collect wood resources.
Create a chain of ultra-modern machines and serve well in wood production.
Maintain and upgrade your car to make it better and safer.
Manage and control sales that are done regularly and attract the attention of many customers.
Beautiful graphics, easy to see and excite many people at first sight.
Become a lumber mill giant and enjoy the many fun things that appear in this game.

Some features of Lumber Empire: Idle Tycoon Android game MOD APK :

  • Managing forests
  • Employment of arborists
  • Training woodcutters
  • Buying new cars and upgrading them
Idle Lumber Empire
Download Idle Lumber Empire for android

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