Sky Raptor: Space Shooter MOD APK v2.4.1

Sky Raptor: Space Shooter
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Sky Raptor: Space Shooter MOD APK  is an arcade game from ONESOFT game studio, which is released on Dlpure for free. In this Android game you have to board your ship and go into the galaxy and shoot alien invaders and collect different items and upgrade your ship in this space battle. When Earth is threatened by a space war, only the Sky Raptor team can fight and shoot down the invaders. Your mission is to lead the team in every battle and be the best alien shooter in the galaxy. In this dangerous battle, you have to fight and destroy thousands of terrifying enemies and powerful bosses. There is plenty of equipment and galactic drones to support you in every battle. To play the game, just touch the screen to move and shoot your plane and finally defeat all the enemies and save the galaxy. You can upgrade your plane with the coins and items you collect. Activate skills by choosing equipment to activate skills and increase power by combining different equipment. Here you fight in different levels with various problems and challenges to save the galaxy and it challenges your skills. Unlimited mode allows you to play endlessly in every battle. Various equipment will be unlocked to support you in shooting the alien invaders, which can be activated by combinations and upgrades that you can use in your battles.

What will you experience in Sky Raptor: Space Shooter?
Sky Raptor is a fast action game in the shoot them up genre and combines many elements and concepts to increase the gameplay value. The remarkable thing about the game is the hustle and bustle of each level or battle of the player and it always puts them in many complicated situations. Player progression creates new opportunities for everyone to have the best experience and feel with advanced aircraft battles.

Fast and intensive gameplay
Shoot them category always puts the player in very tight levels and throws countless enemies or challenges at high speed. Because of this, Sky Raptor becomes more fun as time goes by, opening up a lot of potential for fun and excitement when putting players in complex and dangerous situations. In addition, the variety of aircraft, enemies and equipment is also great content to explore and expand.

Accurate and intuitive controls
The game’s control mechanism is flexible and accurate to enhance the player’s ability to survive the dense barrage of enemies. Fortunately, the entire structure of the plane is centered on the main points, and if the core is damaged instead of the outer shell of the plane, the player will be damaged. However, many dangerous attacks will be a great challenge for players to perfectly judge or dodge everything.

Great campaigns and employers
The greatness of the Sky Raptor campaign in many different regions of the world, even having to contend with rugged mountains or outback. However, the diverse environments make the enemy system richer and more exciting to push the player’s combat performance to new heights. Most importantly, the bosses in each biome are always faced with dangerous attacks of massive construction to become an attractive challenge for players.

Get ready with the best quality items
Changing equipment or planes is necessary for the player to fight or survive for a long time in each level. Fortunately, the game introduces various items to customize your fighting style or equip them for your favorite aircraft. Players can also change the types of special support and effectively combine weapons to have the most eye-catching and powerful combat effects.

Interesting daily challenges
The daily challenges introduced in Sky Raptor offer endless potential for players to find countless legendary items. The way to progress is unique like enemies, obstacles and bosses in the challenges to improve the fighting skills of the player. It also makes it possible for people to challenge each other through the points they earn in the challenge and thus receive handsome rewards for all achievements.

More interesting game modes
In addition to the intense challenge between players, additional game modes are also fascinating content to enjoy. Their structure, rules, and rewards are also different, allowing players to participate in many activities to earn their respective rewards. Not stopping there, players can also challenge each other in real-time 1v1 mode to become the all-around champion.

Sky Raptor’s greatness and exhilaration both depend on its fast-paced and complex gameplay, keeping players focused as they face each challenge. Moreover, its prizes are always generous so that players are always immersed in exciting activities or events. It also has many creative and practical concepts to stimulate the player’s combat performance indirectly or directly during his career.


Some features of Sky Raptor: Space Shooter Android game MOD APK :

  • Modern visual effects
  • Excellent touch control
  • Upgrade your plane
  • Collect coins and items
  • Selection of different equipment
  • More than 150 levels with different difficulties
  • With unlimited survival mode
  • Has a variety of equipment systems
  • Various search system
  • There are daily quests, free gems, badge rewards every day for you to conquer
  • Has the same 1 vs 1 PvP mode
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Sky Raptor: Space Shooter
Download Sky Raptor: Space Shooter for android

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