Image scanner and text translator 2.6.3 (Premium)

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Image scanner and text translator 2.6.3 (Premium)

No need to write whole passage!
This app extracts text from image and translate it to any language.
You can pick image from library or directly capture image by camera.
just follow few simple steps for your desire output.
It is very helpful while reading news or any other article with different language.
Download languages from setting screen.

Features: Advance OCR, OCR, QR code scan and generate, ID card scan and storage and document scan, save and share. PDF generator. Text translator.

For example,
If you do not know Hindi, although you wish to read any Hindi language newspaper or magazine, this app is very helpful to you.


  • open the app – download source language Hindi from setting
  • capture the photo of newspaper or magazine
  • select or crop the image
  • Pop up for single column or multiple column(if you are reading newspaper then select multiple column)
  • select text is in : Hindi (language selection)
  • It will take just a minute to extract text from image.
  • Click on translate icon below. it will automatically detect source language(Hindi) and you just need to select destination language (For Example English).
  • You can also save file as PDF format.
  • Text to speech feature is also available.
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