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Multi Timer MOD APK 4.6.3  (Paid)

Multi Timer is a simple, reliable and most customizable timer & stopwatch application. It can run many timers at once or separately.
Very useful in many situations, such as cooking, sports, games and etc.

Reusable timers with many parameters

Each timer can have different name, alarm sound, length, color label, vibration on/ off and alarm animation including a cute tail swinging cat alarm animation.

Intuitive and easy to use user interface

The application is desinged to use easily and quickly.

Grouping timers

Each timer Groups can have up to 100 timers and max 30 timer groups can be created.

Run in the background

The application doesn’t need to be running foreground. Once timers start, the application wakes up even after rebooting your phone when time is up.
It’s possible to show just notifications instead of bringing the application to front when time is up.

Timer linkage

Timers can be linked. The linked timer will auto start when the linking timer finishes. Linking a timer group and starting all the timers in the group is possible as well.

Text To Speech (Voice Alarm)

Each timer can have different voice alarm of free text. Reading out timer title, end time and timer note are supported.

Many color themes

24 color themes are available. You can even change colors of individual parts including notification icon colors.

Timer color labeling

Each timer can be color-labeled.

Super customizable

So many things are customizable. Font size, what buttons to hide/show, many notification related settings, alarm animations, bringing the application to front or not when alarm and more.

Useful sorting functions

Timers can be sorted by remaining time, elapsed time, etc in real time automatically or manually.

Fixed number keypad allows for entering timer time quickly

The number keypad on the timer creation window allows you to enter timer time very quickly.

Other features

  • Auto repeat timers (1 to infinite)
  • Single stopwatch
  • Enable/ disable timers
  • Timer Note for individual timers
  • Super flexible timer title (several dynamic parameters can be used within the title)
  • Four types of alarm animation. Alarm clock, bell, fireworks, bell and tail swinging cat
  • Display expected end time or remaining time in Notification
  • Import/ export timers and application settings
  • Notify when timers end or alarms end
  • Timer Event History
  • Expanding time of active timers easily (by quick menu, single tap and double taps)
  • Display elapsed time, expected end time and original timer time
  • Manual sort or real time auto sorting
  • Support Cloud backup so that setting and timers will be recovered upon device change
  • Four different sizes of fonts and button are selectable
  • Possible to select buttons to show and hide
  • Initial focus position and focus shift direction of time fields on Timer Creation Window are selectable
  • No advertisements for the paid version

There is a free version of the app with Ads as well.
Multi Timer Free

In case you experience any alarm delay, please check the battery saver setting of the phone as the delay is normally caused by that.

For any issues or requests, please email me at

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Developer: Catfantom
June 30, 2022
Latest Version: 4.5.1
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4.66 481 total


- Fixed a crash issue on Android 11 of some devices.

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