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Strava Running and Cycling GPS 335.9 Final (Patched)

Strava: Run, Ride, Hike
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Strava: Run, Ride, HikeStrava: Run, Ride, HikeStrava: Run, Ride, HikeStrava: Run, Ride, HikeStrava: Run, Ride, Hike


Track Running, Cycling & Swimming Premium Unlocked is a unique Android application for tracking the activities of cyclists and runners, developed and published by Strava Inc. programming studio. With the support of a unique system, this program enables athletes in both running and cycling fields to monitor their activities and record detailed information about their sports activities with access to smart GPS. Record all your performance and join a huge community of cyclists to see significant progress towards your goals. Apart from some special facilities such as saving the distance traveled, the amount of calories consumed, etc., parts such as daily and monthly challenges are included in this software, which strengthens the sense of competitiveness in the user and encourages him to improve as much as possible. he does. During or at the end of your sports activities, take pictures of the scenery and hardships and share them with your friends. Create your desired route and send it to your companions to move at a certain time and reach the end of the route on time. If you want to improve in your favorite sport, don’t miss this unique app and stay with us for the rest of the article.

Some features and capabilities of the Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming Android program:

Record various sports information such as distance traveled, calories consumed, speed along the route, etc.
Access to interactive maps of your activities
Participate in various challenges to progress towards your goals
Getting to know other athletes and exchanging opinions about your favorite sport
Create and design your own route and send it to your friends
Record and save pictures of your sports activities
Ability to design and participate in various sports competitions
Support and connection to Android smart watches

Track your fitness with Strava activity tracker. Record routes, map your favorite bike trail or run & analyze your training with all the stats – for free!

Marathon training or simply love going for a bike ride? Turn your phone into a sophisticated cycle or running tracker with Strava. Try out a new trail with Strava distance tracker and mile counter or even track running speed. Join millions of active people and reach your goals!

Fitness Training with Strava Activity Tracker: 3 Ways to Train Smarter

  1. Record routes, track running & analyze: Track distance, swim pace, cycle speed, elevation gained & calories burned
  2. Map your route: Mix up your run, swim or ride with the world’s largest trail network
  3. Training challenges: Push yourself with monthly Challenges & compete with others


  • Track running, cycling and swimming: Compare your performance over time
  • Track distance, pace, speed, elevation gained and calories burned on every run
  • Mile counter: Use your Android device or pretty much every GPS device out there


  • Record routes on your Strava feed so friends & followers can comment & share their own progress
  • Your cycle route is the best? Share the route map & photos of your latest bike ride
  • Join Clubs of brands, teams and friends for activities and growing communities


  • Set your fitness goals and get customizable training plans. Use the distance tracker and set your own time or segment goals
  • Get live feedback to help you train safer & perform better


  • Marathon training hit a plateau? Track distance and boost your performance with running tracker Strava and access tailored plans with Premium
  • Turn your device into a personal coach for triathlon or marathon training

It doesn’t stop at running and cycling, you can use Strava activity tracker for a whole range of sports:

  • Swim
  • Alpine Ski
  • Hike
  • Crossfit
  • Kayak
  • Rock Climb
  • Surf
  • Yoga
  • Indoor running
  • Indoor cycling
  • Gym workouts
    …and many more!


Strava depends on GPS for recording activities. In some devices, the GPS does not work properly and Strava will not record effectively. If your Strava recordings show poor location estimation behavior, please try to update the operating system to the most recent version. There are some devices which have consistently poor performance with no known remedies. On these devices, we restrict installation of Strava, for example the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 and the Galaxy Express 2.

See our support site for more information: https://strava.zendesk.com/entries/27141334-Does-Strava-4-x-run-on-my-Android-device

Strava: Run, Ride, Hike
Download Strava: Run, Ride, Hike for android

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