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Top 10 Icon Packs 2021 for Android

top 10 icon packs

What is icon pack

icon packs are different shapes, sizes, and color schemes and follow different design guidelines. Samsung’s icons look different than Google’s icons, look different from Microsoft’s icons, look different from every other developer’s icons. Thankfully, icon packs are here to pick up the slack and make your theming adventure a smooth one. Icon packs are plentiful, colorful, and they come in every style under the sun. And today we are going to introduce 10 of these famous icon packs to you.

1 – PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack


Developer: vukashin  Price: $1.99  Requirements: +5.0

PixBit Features:

  •  2240+ icons included.
  •  5 Pixel KWGT Pro Widgets.
  •  1 Clock widget.
  •  20 Pixel Art Wallpapers.
  •  Support for 25 launchers
    (Lawnchair, Action Launcher, Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Atom Launcher, Aviate Launcher, Go Launcher, KK Launcher, Next Launcher, Solo Launcher, Smart Launcher, LG Home, ADW Launcher…)
  •  Blueprint dashboard made by Jahir Fiquitiva

Download PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack (Lastest Version) For Free

2 – Sliced Icon Pack

Sliced Icon Pack

Developer: Rahul K Dinesh Price: $1.49  Requirements: +5.0

Sliced Icons is a fresh Material Design icon pack with precisely sliced out icons and a vibrant color palette. Gives your UI a consistent and colorful look. Each icon is crafted with perfection and follows Google’s Material Design language

Sliced Features:

  • 1365 beautifully crafted icons (Icons weekly updated)
  • Material design inspired icons
  • 20 cloud based wallpapers
  • Folder icons
  • Slick Blueprint dashboard app by Jahir Fiquitiva
  • Icons crafted in highest 192×192 resolution
  • Support for every major launcher
  • Icons Request tool

3 – Adaptive Icon Pack

Adaptive Icon Pack

Developer:Pixelflow Price: $1.49  Requirements: +8.0

Adaptive Icon Pack is an icon pack that allows Launcher to display Adaptive Icons on all devices running Android Oreo or later. Adaptive Icon Pack are intentionally designed not to have a style or theme, but rather to offer Adaptive Icon variants of your most popular apps that look and feel as if the original app developer made them.

Adaptive Features:

  • CandyBar Dashboard
  • Adaptive icons for 2500+ of the most popular apps
  • High resolution icons 432x432px
  • Dynamic calendar
  • Dynamic clock
  • Request tool
  • Regular updates

4 – Borealis Icon Pack

Borealis Icon Pack

Developer:UNVOID Price: $2.49 Requirements: +4.0.3

Bring color & homogeneity to your devices with Borealis.

Borealis Features:

  • 18,000+ high quality icons.
  • Multiple alternative icons to choose from.
  • Icon masking for unthemed icons.
  • Dynamic Calendar. (if supported by your launcher)
  • 48+ high resolution cloud based wallpapers.
  • Modern and intuitive Dashboard.
  • Easy Icon Request for your unthemed apps.
  • FAQ Section for all your questions.
  • Regular updates.

5 – iPear 14 – Round Icon Pack

iPear 14 – Round Icon Pack

Developer:Eatos Price: $1.49 Requirements: +5.0

iPear 14 – Round Features:

  • iOS 14 style icons
  • Has 2700+ icons and 218 wallpapers
  • Modern and intuitive Dashboard.

6 – Athena Icon Pack

Athena Icon Pack

  Developer:One4Studio Price: $1.49 Requirements: +5.0

Athena icon pack is a set of squircle shaped icons with modern and colorful gradient icons, made for both dark and light wallpapers and setups in general. Pixel perfect vector icons, 10 exclusive wallpapers specially made to match the icons, 7 KWGT widgets included and many more to come, with support for all popular launchers like Poco, Lawnchair, Nova etc.

Athena Features:

  •  Resolution of icons – 192x192px (HD)
  •  Beautiful and cool color gradients
  •  Suitable for both dark and light wallpapers and themes
  •  Professional and highest quality vector design
  •  Alternate icons with different color gradients and styles
  •  Dynamic calendar icon
  •  Masking of unthemed icons so every unthemed icon will have the same shape
  •  Folders icons (must apply them manually)
  •  Icon search and showcase
  •  Tap to send icon requests
  •  Cloud wallpapers
  •  KWGT widgets

7 – Bilfy Icon Pack

Bilfy Icon Pack

  Developer:Subham Saha Price: $1.49 Requirements: +5.0

BILFY Icon Pack is all about Modern, Colorful, Vibrant, Gradient, Aesthetically pleasing icons to match your beautiful homescreen.


  • Clean, Beautiful Dashboard
  • 720+ Carefully Handcrafted Icons and many more to come
  • 192 x 192 px High Resolution Icons
  • 10 Handcrafted Custom made Wallpapers for your homescreen to match the icons
  • Supports All Major Launchers
  • Weekly Updates
  • Icon Request Tool
  • Icon Preview & Search

8 – Flight Pro Icon Pack

Flight Pro Icon Pack

  Developer:Nate Wren Design Price: $1.99 Requirements: +4.1

Flight (pro version) is a simple and minimalist icon pack with clean flat white icons, matching wallpapers and includes clock, battery, and weather widgets. Flight features transparency in the icons to blend in well with your backgrounds. Widgets offer color, size, and font customization and hand-picked wallpapers of skies, clouds & landscapes are included.

Flight Pro FEATURES:

  • 4,200+ hand crafted flat, clean & simple white flat HD Icons
  • 250+ wallpapers included. Downloadable from the cloud. Browse and save the ones you want. All wallpapers shown are included!
  • XXXHDPI high definition white icons included for super large HD screens. All Icons are 192×192.
  • Customized cloud/sky/landscape wallpapers. Wallpapers have been edited to show off the white icons nicely.
  • Some parts of the flat icons are transparent letting each show the provided sky/landscape backgrounds or to your own backgrounds
  • Editable clock, battery and weather widgets included.
  • Editable widgets are available as both system widgets and KWGT widgets.
  • Wallpaper picker included.
  • Request icons via “Request” tab.
  • Clean, white icons work best with dark wallpapers.
  • Muzei support for rotating wallpapers.
  • New icons added regularly.

9 – Nebula Icon Pack

Nebula Icon Pack

  Developer:Stark Designs Price: $1.45 Requirements: +5.0

Say Hello to Nebula Icon Pack! A set of simple yet sophisticated Icons, with a pop of colors!! Nebula icons will gives you a pleasant, soothing feeling and you will love looking at your homescreen!  You can request 10 icons/week which will be themed sooner rather than later! If some icons are present in the pack, but aren’t getting themed, just send me an icon request for such icons and I will fix them immediately!


  • Easy to use Blueprint dashboard by Jahir Fiquitva!
  • 500+ carefully handcrafted vector icons and many more to come!
  • 192x192px high resolution Icons!
  • 20 awesome wallpapers which include wallpapers exclusively made by awesome designers Rishi Bafna and Saurav Katyar!
  • Weekly updates with many new icons!
  • Support for many launchers!

10 – Hera Icon Pack

Hera Icon Pack

  Developer:One4Studio Price: $1.99 Requirements: +5.0

Hera icon pack is a package of circular shaped icons with modern and colorful gradients. Pixel perfect circle vector icons, 20 exclusive wallpapers specially made to match the icons, 13 KWGT widgets included and many more to come, with support for all popular launchers like Poco, Lawnchair, Nova etc.


  • Resolution of icons – 192x192px (HD)
  • Beautiful and cool color gradients
  • Professional and highest quality vector design
  • Alternate icons with different color gradients and styles
  • Dynamic calendar icon
  • Masking of unthemed icons so every unthemed icon will have a circle shape
  • Folders icons (must apply them manually)
  • Icon search and showcase
  • Tap to send icon requests
  • Cloud wallpapers
  • KWGT widget presets
  • Themes inside app (in settings – pick light, dark, amoled or transparent)


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