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MKVToolNix v57.0.0 (Multilingual) + Portable

MKVToolnix is an advanced application that enables you to open, examine, edit and mux Matroska files (.mkv). It offers support for other popular video file types too, along with audio tracks and subtitles. The full package includes separate command-line utilities for merging and extracting streams, viewing information, as well as for editing headers and chapters They are all wrapped up in a graphical interface in the Windows edition.

The tool enables you to view, append and take apart tracks, chapters and tags, as well as to edit a wide range of data. For example, when it comes to general track options, you can set the track name, language, default and forced track flags, tags, and timecodes.
What’s more, you can set the aspect ratio, FPS, delay, stereoscopy mode, cropping, cues, compression mode, and custom command-line parameters for enhanced functionality. External files can be embedded in the movie as attachments.

Create and edit movie chapters

It’s also possible to create chapters and define properties, such as start and end time, flags, segment and segment edition UID, together with chapter name, language and country. Configurable global settings focus on the tag file, whether to create a WebM compliant file or not, split mode, file linking, and so on.
An important aspect worth taking into account is that MKVToolnix offers support for batch jobs, which means that you can leave the workstation unattended while the tool executes time-consuming tasks.
You can examine the current command line and copy it to the Clipboard or save it to file to use in future projects, manage the queue jobs, add command-line options, load chapters from external files, edit the header, as well as save the project as an .mka, .mkv or .mk3d-formatted file.

Evaluation and conclusion

The tool didn’t put a strain on computer performance in our tests, using low CPU and RAM. It carried out tasks in a decent amount of time and didn’t trigger the operating system to hang, crash or prompt error messages.
Taking into account its wide range of configuration parameters, MKVToolnix should meet the requirements of most expert users looking to study, create, edit and generate MKV files.

Supported Formats Include:

  • Video formats: AVI, MPEG, MP4, MPEG, Ogg/OGM, RealVideo, MPEG1/2, h264/AVC, Dirac, VC1. Suported video codecs include VP9.
  • Audio formats: AAC, FLAC, MP2, MP3, (E)AC3, DTS/DTS-HD, Vorbis, RealAudio.
  • Subtitle formats: SRT, PGS/SUP, VobSub, ASS and SSA.

  • DEVELOPER:Neptho Networking Solutions
  • OS: Windows 10/8/7
  • LANGUAGE: Multilingual
  • Available languages: English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • License Model: Free
# Version 57.0.0 "Till The End" 2021-05-22

## New features and enhancements

* mkvmerge: MP4 reader: added support for reading Dolby Vision from MP4 files
  (FourCCs `dvh1` and `dvhe`; configuration records `dvcC`, `dvvC` and `hvcE`
  will be converted into block addition mappings). Implements #2784.
* mkvmerge: SRT subtitles: mkvmerge now accepts empty text files with the
  extension `.srt` as SRT subtitle files, enabling the creation of empty SRT
  tracks. Implements #3089.
* mkvmerge, mkvextract: HEVC/H.265: access unit delimiter NALUs will no longer
  be discarded, neither during muxing nor during extraction.
* MKVToolNix GUI: preferences: switched the order & wording of controls in the
  "enabling items" panel to make it clearer that certain controls define
  exceptions. Inspired by 3086.

## Bug fixes

* mkvmerge: HEVC/H.265 parser: several NALU types, notably the Dolby
  Vision-specific NALUs ("unspecified 62" and "unspecified 63") and suffix SEI
  NALUs, are now stored with the frame they belong to instead of with the next
  frame. Part of fixing & implementing #2784, #2818, #3093 and #3113.
* mkvmerge: HEVC/H.265 packetizer: fixed setting the track's default duration
  when reading HEVC/H.265 from Matroska files that don't have a default
  duration set.
* mkvmerge: HEVC/H.265 packetizer: fixed the calculation of the duration of
  frames so that `SimpleBlock` elements can be used again instead of
  `BlockGroups` with `BlockDuration` elements. Fixes #3114.
* mkvmerge, mkvextract: HEVC/H.265 parser: fixed issues with ordering &
  duplication of certain NALUs (parameter set & prefix SEI NALUs). Part of
  fixing & implementing of #2784, #2818, #3093 and #3113.
* MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: when dragging & dropping files to the
  multiplexer, the source directory will be remembered as the "last open
  directory" again, causing subsequent uses of the "open file" dialog to start
  in the same directory. Fixes #3110.
* mkvinfo: fixed the position of frames in block groups containing "block
  duration" elements in summary mode (e.g. for subtitle tracks).

## Build system changes

* `configure` will now try to detect `libmagic` via `pkg-config` and fall back
  to including & linking directly if it cannot be found via `pkg-config`.

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