TechCalc+ Scientific Calculator (adfree) 4.8.8 (Paid)

TechCalc+ Scientific Calculator (adfree) 4.8.8 (Paid)

TechCalc+ scientific calculator contains 12 calculation modes in one application + a handy reference section that includes an additional 22 calculation modes plus a wealth of useful information.

Perfect for all aspects of science and engineering calculations in school, university and throughout your career. Why not download it now and give it a try?

Modes included are:

  • Basic Mode – Algebraic and Reverse Polish Notation (RPN),
  • Scientific Mode – Algebraic and Reverse Polish Notation (RPN),
  • 64-bit Programmer Mode (Hex, Oct, Bin and Dec) – Algebraic and Reverse Polish Notation (RPN),
  • Graphing,
  • Matrices,
  • Complex Numbers (cartesian, polar, using Euler’s identity),
  • Quick Formulas,
  • Quick Converter,
  • Time Calculator,
  • Equation Solver,
  • Calculus (Derivatives, Definite Integrals, Taylor Series, Indefinite Integrals & Limits)
  • Financial

the Periodic Table of Elements!

TechCalc+ Scientific Calculator Features :

  • All Trigonometric operations (radians, degrees or gradients)
  • Powers & Roots
  • Logs and Antilogs
  • Factorial, Modulus & Random Numbers functions
  • HCF, LCM, Prime factorization
  • Pol() & Rec() Functions
  • Permutations (nPr) and Combinations (nCr)
  • Statistics
  • Fractions Mode
  • A wide range of conversion categories and constants
  • 20 Memory Registers in each of the calculation modes
  • Detailed calculation history
  • Extensive Help and Reference
  • Highly customizable via the Settings

The reference section includes:

  • Physical Laws
  • Names in the Metric System
  • Mathematical Tables
  • Elementary & Linear Algebra
  • Trigonometric Identities
  • Differentiation & Integration Rules
  • Statistics Formulas
  • Vector Mathematics
  • ASCII, IEEE 754, Fractional Bits, Roman Numeral & Number Base Converters
  • pH, Interpolation, Body Mass Index (BMI), Percentage, Color, Proportion & Molecular Weight Calculators
  • Sigma & Pi Notation
  • Balancing Chemical Equations
  • Statistics (Grouped Data)
  • Numerical Sequences
  • Humidity Calculations
  • Boolean Algebra Calculator
  • Empirical Formula Calculator
  • Characteristics of an RLC Circuit
  • Feet and Inches Calculator
  • Aspect Ratio Calculator
  • Barometric Formula Calculator
  • Linear Regression Analysis (Simple Linear Regression; Multiple Linear Regression)
  • Bicycle Tire Pressure Calculator

Please email any questions that are not answered in the Help section.

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